Do You Know How Good Breakfast Is for Your Waistline?

It has been proven that people who eat breakfast regularly are usually within their correct weight range, whereas those that skip it tend to fill themselves up on fatty sugary snacks mid- morning encouraging putting on unwanted weight and even turning into being overweight or even obese. The meaning of the word breakfast is exactly that, you break the fast from sleeping and have something to eat. When you have a good breakfast you do not suffer hunger pangs early in the day and quite happily wait for your lunchtime without nibbling. The idea of a good breakfast is one that contains protein or whole grains and not made up of high- calorie fatty food.

People who eat breakfast from early childhood encourage the good habit in later years, particularly during their teens. Studies done on children have recognized that eating breakfast can improve behavior, concentration, problem-solving skills, eye-hand concentration, and better performance in their school grades.

Eating a good breakfast provides the carbohydrates needed for brain function by restoring concentration as well as memory glucose levels and benefitting mood and stress levels. Breakfast should be eaten within a two- hour period of waking and sufficient food is eaten for providing you with twenty to thirty-five per cent of the calories required from your daily guideline.

As well as a source of energy, the content of typical foods you eat at breakfast gives you calcium, iron, Vitamin B, proteins, as well as fiber. It is common knowledge that we should eat the “big five” daily, so, part of them can be included at breakfast time by eating fruit or drinking fruit juice. If you are in a hurry to get moving take a banana or an apple with you and eat it as you go as apples are low protein providers and as the old saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Unfortunately, through laziness, non-caring of their personal appearance and the availability of fast food the world is becoming a population of oversized people, with many of them becoming diabetics at a very early age. Even young children are starting to be diagnosed with diabetes. This is alarming and something that in the past was never heard of.

So, which category do you fall under, the breakfast eaters or the breakfast skippers? Do you like to have the right size waistline or isn’t body size a matter of importance to you?

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