Do You Do This Too?

This week I was sitting at my desk when wham! Big crash. Suddenly my phone, keyboard, mouse and mousepad were sitting on the floor at my feet, along with my sliding keyboard drawer.

You think I would be shocked or stunned. But, no.

Ever since I built my desk (don’t judge me!) about 10 years ago I have known that the keyboard drawer has been loose. Yep, right from the get-go. Design flaw I think. But I’ve tolerated it all these years.

I can actually tell when it’s loose and might fall, so I can make a quick adjustment and reinforce it, Then I move on until the next time.

So this week when it happened I really stopped and took notice. Why was I tolerating something that could easily be fixed… for such a very long time?

It’s a habit that we all get into – accepting status quo. Feeling comfortable with how things are. Being ‘okay’ with everything.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Especially in our business.

Many of us started our businesses for a really good reason. Maybe we wanted to be our own boss. Maybe we wanted to be at home for the family. Maybe we wanted to do tasks we love every day. Maybe we had a big vision of how we could be so successful.

For most of us, it’s often a combination of all of those things.

What is your reason? I knew I could provide a specialized service to clients – lots of them – and make money while working from home. I wasn’t satisfied working for just one client. I didn’t like the office lifestyle or the politics that often went along with it. I hated the commute.

And I do. I am making more money than I was then, I am working only with people I love to work with, and I am doing specialized work for them. But there is always more.

There is growth. And that takes work. It takes money. It takes support.

I am working with a business coach to help me grow my business. It’s easy to work alone, but to get ahead it’s really important to get fresh ideas and feedback – and accountability – from someone who has been in your shoes. Someone who inspires you to be better and to do better.

And of course, although I fixed my keyboard drawer issue after all these years, it wasn’t my coach that made me do that. It was the inspiration I’ve gained from a breath of fresh air being injected into my business.

I’m excited about what is to come. I can see the possibilities.

Article Source:’Aviero/310718