Chefs Share Priceless Tips To Get The Best Gourmet Catering Menu

Corporates and businesses often hold excellent events to promote new product or services or sometimes to simply show gratitude to their team for their exceptional performance and achievements during the past year and boost their morale. For the success of such event, good food is vital and as such, catering gourmet fare and an excellent gourmet catering menu should be an integral part of the festivities.

Professional caterers in the Middle East are capable of working with any range of budget while at the same time still produce the best sets of menu with scrumptious meals for you and your guests. However, while this is a known fact, you should never rely solely on your caterer.

When planning to conduct an event for you and year employees or for product promotion, you will surely have to play an important role. To help you achieve success in your event, here are some of the most essential tips ensure your guests enjoy good food and to help improve your relationship with your chosen caterer.

Having a clear definition of the purpose of the event – one of the most important factors you need to let your caterers know is the objective of the event. For every event, professional caterers can provide you with a list of appropriate menu. Example, if you are planning to have a lunch meeting where your attendees are going to work continuously while eating, they can help you determine which types of food are best served.

Taking note of the dietary and special needs of your guests – if you have the time and are able to ask questions to your guests, you need to take note of their special dietary requirements or special needs due to allergies or cultural difference. Especially if you have a VIP guest that have specific dietary requirement, having such information is crucial.

Headcount and budget estimation – this information is of great importance. This will help you avoid lack of food being prepared. It will help you determine how much food is needed and which types of meals can be used in the menu based on your set budget.

Give your caterers enough time – last-minute requests are always welcome however, it will be greatly appreciated if you give your caterers ample time to prepare to avoid any mishaps. It can be as short as two days or more. Menus aren’t simply edited especially if each items are made to complement one another.

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