Business Growth Doesn’t Happen Without Investing

Because I’ve worked with business coaches a lot in my business, I have frequently heard how important it is to invest in your own business, but what does this actually mean? How do you invest in your own business? Why would you spend more money on your business when you need it for something else, like bills?

There are many ways you can invest in your business. You can invest in training courses to update or gain new skills. You can invest in new equipment to replace your old, dated or broken equipment that is limiting you. You can invest in business coaching so you can create goals and a plan to grow your business. You can hire a virtual assistant and/or personal assistant.

It’s important for me to have fairly up-to-date equipment that works well, and I’ve always been willing to invest in training courses because I could see the benefit of developing skills that my ideal clients are looking for, but that’s pretty much where I stopped. I did pay for some sporadic coaching and 4-week or 6-week group coaching programs, and those group coaching programs are really great for learning, but they are also limited in helping you succeed, especially if you don’t implement and take action.

The last couple of years I’ve been strongly suggesting, and in some cases insisting, that my clients and potential clients have a business coach because I was getting frustrated in seeing clients not follow through with their ideas, get distracted with bright shiny object syndrome, or just give up on their business because they’re not making enough money.

I have also seen how my clients who do have coaches are motivated, they have structured goals and plans, they are held accountable, and they are pushed past their fears and out of their comfort zones. They are also instructed by their coach to hire a virtual assistant, if they have not already. Why? Because they need somebody who is capable to help implement the plan that has been created and make sure all of the systems are in place, and it is not you, the coach, who should be spending time doing this and trying to figure out how all of the technology works. Your time is better spent elsewhere, especially when someone else can likely do the work in a fraction of the time.

When you, your business coach, and your virtual assistant work together to create and implement a plan, it really can do wonders in propelling your business forward and achieving financial growth for you at a much faster rate. It’s really exciting and satisfying for me to see the results with my clients.

As summer winds down and we head back into fall, what steps are you taking and what commitments are you making to ensure your business growth and success? Have you updated your business equipment? Are you going to upgrade your skills? Have you purchased a new program or tool? Have you hired a coach? Have you hired a virtual assistant?

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