Backsplash Tips

Backsplashes have become one of the most creative kitchen design features in the last few years. Because they are available using a wide variety of materials including metal, marble, glass, mirror, and granite, they have become a great way to add character and charm to your kitchen.

The purpose behind these decorative tiles is to provide you with protection against kitchen messes near the sink or stove top. Now, these surfaces have gone from easy-to-clean tiles, to beautiful kitchen centerpieces. Whether you’re doing a complete kitchen remodel or a smaller update to your current design, consider installing a new backsplash for an appealing custom look.

5 Tips to Consider before Installing or Designing a Kitchen Backsplash

If you’re incorporating a backsplash into your kitchen remodel, here are some helpful tips to make your experience as easy as possible.

1. Make a Budget: Understand the price you are willing to pay for the materials and even installation for your new backsplash. While some are easy to DIY, others may require the help of a more qualified kitchen remodeling company. The materials purchased for your project should also be included in your budget.

2. Compliment your Space: Designing a backsplash requires you to think outside the box, while also coordinating your tiles with the rest of your kitchen. This includes considering your floors, cabinets, and kitchen appliances against your new design. Whether you want your backsplash to serve as a subtle compliment to the rest of your kitchen, or a more decorative focal point, you’ve got lots of creative options to consider.

3. Match and Mix: Before the installation, try mixing and matching several colors or materials together to choose just the right design for you. This might include incorporating metal, glass, mirrors, and granite, all in one design. Try different options before simply going with the first look that you like.

4. Pick a Focal Point: This is possibly one of the most important steps in the whole process. Choosing a focal point for your backsplash is important, and it should be in an area where you and your guests can easily enjoy it.

5. Consider the Size: Whether you only want a small backsplash in your sink area, or you decide to wrap a backsplash around your entire kitchen to create a coordinated effect, it’s helpful to think about the amount of space you want to cover. This might influence the sorts of materials you compare, and the design features you consider.

Designing a backsplash is a fun and creative adventure! And with so many great materials to choose from, your imagination is the only limit to what you can do. Whether you choose a unique and colorful tile backsplash, or you opt to go with a timeless classic like a sleek marble design, a new backsplash will give your kitchen that one-of-a-kind look, adding value and appeal.

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