Anger Vs Acceptance

Our country is divided and there are people who just cannot accept “What is.”

Many people go through, upon hearing bad news (to them) which, in their interpretation, is an attack on their beliefs. They have to go through a process before they can accept and of course, there will always be groups of people who will never accept an outcome of what they perceive to be wrong.

First, there may be shock. This is followed by blame, denial, depression and a need to “fight back.” It is a loss for these people, just like if one loses a dear friend or family member. It takes time to get to acceptance.

We can manage our anger or stress over an unexpected outcome by recognizing the difference between acceptance vs. agreement with an outcome. When we learn to accept the words of another, we are not telling them we are in agreement with what they say or do. Rather, we are just accepting the fact that other people do not share our opinion. And, that’s all it is… an opinion!

Due to the lack of acceptance, I have lost many friends (were they really friends?) In life people have paridigms, be in by nuture or nature about just about everything. This does not mean one person is right and another wrong. It means we share a different view.

In this complex world, it is important to learn from diversity, adversity and different points of view. If we can do this, we ALL benefit. Acceptance takes strengh and wisdom. You are not controlling anyone or trying to change another person; rather you have the courage to accept others for what they believe to be true.

Making the decision/choice to accept another’s view, you are making great strides to avoid conflict and even promoting the person well-being of the people who you come in contact with.

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