5 Tips to Help You Earn Client Loyalty

Loyal clients can’t be swayed by coupons or special offers to try the competition. They are willing to pay more for your service and are happy to tell their friends about you. It is more enjoyable to work with people who adore you and the work you do. Follow these 5 tips to increase client loyalty in your business:

  1. Be yourself – A lot of what makes people loyal to a business is simply a personality match. There are just people you get along with well and love spending time with and doing business with. If you agree that not everyone is a perfect match for your business, taking the time to just be yourself will attract the people who naturally work well with you. People can also detect insincerity a mile away. Pretending to be someone you are not is a sure way to repel the very clients you wish to attract.
  2. Be valuable – Make your service so valuable to your clients that they feel they can’t live without it. Give them the best service you can. Give a little more than they are expecting. When they receive great value from you, they will think twice before leaving or referring someone to another business. They will realize they can’t get the same level of service anywhere else and remain loyal to you.
  3. Be generous – This goes along with being valuable, but it is taking it a step further. Be generous with your expertise by sharing information and advice. Be generous with special offers and discounts that are only available to current clients. Find out what will WOW your clients and be generous about giving it to them. It might be small gifts, referrals, introductions, or public recognition.
  4. Be exclusive – If there are exclusive privileges associated with working with your business, customers will be more loyal to you. There might be an exclusive Facebook page or membership site that only clients can access. You could hold client-only events at no charge to your clients. Perhaps clients have access to a private library of information from you or special discounts with other businesses.
  5. Be thankful – Make sure you show your appreciation to your clients. Statistics show that the most common reason for a consumer to leave a business is because they think the business doesn’t care. Clients are more likely to be loyal to you if they know you truly appreciate them and their business. Let them know by the words you say as well as a hand-written thank you note when appropriate.

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