4 Tips to Love and Pet Your Dog

The way and the manners which you adopt to pet your dog can not only help him or her but also make you its favorite person or hate you. Hence, it is extremely important to learn how to pet a dog so that the both of you live a happy and a fulfilling life. A few tips that can enable you to succeed in this particular operation or task have been detailed as below.

1. Begin with an appropriate greeting

This is the first rule of petting a dog. If the dog doesn’t initiate any form of contact, it is better not to pet it. This particular tip needs to be enforced upon children as they only approach a dog who is sleeping or simply lying down. You need to sit back and invite him to initiate contact and greet you instead of you initiating contact. Also, never hover over the dog while it’s greeting you, as it will take this as a threat.

2. Know when the dog is ready

There are many signs that are showcased by the pet and these signs can enable you to make a decision as to whether the dog is ready to be petted by you or not. For example, any friendly dog will approach you with both its ears slightly held back and its tail also held out. This behavior is an invitation to start your petting. The dog will sniff you to gather more information regarding what type of a person you are. All these are very good signs.

3. Always choose the best spots to pet

Most of the dogs find it very comfortable to being petted on their chest, the base of the neck and shoulders. While you are doing so, you need to reach in from its side and not from the top of the dog’s head. These best spots can easily vary from one dog to another.

4. The don’ts of petting

There are certain types of petting that are very uncomfortable for dogs. Patting is something that dogs don’t prefer. Also slapping doesn’t add to the excitement of the dog. Don’t pet a dog that is lying on its back side. This is not a call for petting by rubbing its belly.

The above tips will essentially help you to pet your dog in the wisest of manner. You will also enjoy a fruitful relationship and this can help you a lot in the long run.

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