4 Simple Ways To Introduce A New Puppy To Your Current Dog

Apart from being territorial, canines are also creatures of habit – they might get confused when their daily routine changes. A big change like introducing a new puppy to a household may cause confusion and stress. There’s also the possibility of the two pets not getting along with each other if not introduced properly and that’s something every dog parent should avoid. So to make the transition easy for yourself and both your furry friends, follow these 5 simple tips to introduce your new puppy to your old dog:

Introduce them in a neutral spot

As mentioned, dogs are very territorial. There’s a possibility that your old pet might react negatively if you introduce a new dog to him at home (which he considers his territory) right away. Do the introduction at a more neutral place like a park. Keep each of them on a leash and allow them to play and get to know each other on their own for a few minutes. Walk them home with you in between them.

Create separate private spaces for each

Whether they get along right away or not, it’s important that each of your dogs have their own private space to which they can retreat. This assures your new pet that he has a place in your home and your old pet that even though there’s a newbie, not a lot will change. It’s also important to spend quality time with each of your dogs separately to avoid jealousy and negative tension between the two.

Provide the new puppy with his own toys

Your old furry friend will naturally be possessive of his “personal” items like his pillow, bone and toys, especially around a new dog. This is why it’s important to provide the newbie with his own set of toys to avoid a fight. Once they’re more comfortable with each other, they will learn to share on their own.

Leave them to their own pace

Our hope is that the two dogs get along right away but if they don’t, don’t force it. Let them take their own time getting to know each other. Once they are familiar with the presence of the other, tension will be gone. Let your old pet lead and teach the puppy your house rules on his own.

Follow these simple tips to have a harmonious introduction and relationship between your older dog and a new puppy!

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