4 Decorating Ideas for a Happy Kitchen

To most people, the kitchen is one of the main rooms of the house. A nice, well-decorated kitchen can significantly add to the value of a home in a way that no other room can except perhaps the bathroom. There’s a very good reason for this; it’s one of the rooms that gets the most attention, which you spend the most time in, and which has the biggest impact on the character of the house as a whole. For this reason, it can be well worth redecorating for a happy kitchen and, by extension, a happy home. There are a few things you might want to consider in deciding on your kitchen’s new style, such as:


Furniture is one of the big considerations you will make when refreshing the décor of your kitchen. It represents a number of large objects that will make for a prominent feature of the room. Choosing stylish, attractive items of furniture that will complement the rest of the room’s décor is an absolute must. Consider breakfast bar stools, in particular, as these tend to be designed with style very much in mind and also offer a highly practical form of seating for many modern homes.


The proverbial lick of paint is one of the cheapest, easiest, yet most effective ways to refresh a room and give it a whole new look. At the very least, if the paint on your walls has been in place a good while consider a fresh coat to liven it up. It might well have faded more than you think. If you want a whole new look, then choose an entirely new colour and this can make a lot of difference. Unless you are having whole new worktops and units fitted, make sure the new colour will go with them. It may be possible to paint wooden units, however, if you want even more of a new look without actually replacing them.


One thing which people often fail to appreciate when decorating is light. Unless you are carrying out serious renovations or building an entirely new home, there’s not a great deal you can do about the amount of light that comes in through the windows. However, simply tying back curtains or choosing a blind that doesn’t cover much of the window when not actually pulled down can make a surprising amount of difference. If light is something your kitchen really struggles with, consider painting it in a light colour to create the impression it has more light than it really does.


A new floor is rather a bigger and more involved job than any of those described above, but it can still be worth doing if you want to really transform your kitchen or your old kitchen is in a bad state. Lino or vinyl flooring is probably the easiest and probably the cheapest option. It will also be the easiest to change again later if you fancy a change of scenery. Laminate flooring is a little more involved, and tiles are even more so.

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