3 Things You Should Do To Be A Successful Freelancer

Are you a freelancer or are you aspiring to be one? Here are tips on how to be a successful freelance expert.

Have strong communication skills

As a freelancer, you are working online most of the time; therefore, your communication with your client is through email, chat, video or voice call. For you to be successful, you need to have strong communication skills.

If you are a writer, you need to have excellent knowledge of the written language; therefore, when writing an email to your client you shouldn’t write one that is full of grammatical and spelling mistakes.

If you aren’t a writer, you don’t need to master the written language; however, you need to have good language and tone that will give your client a good impression. If you are communicating via email, ensure that you reply within 24 hours.

Strong communication skills aid in building strong relationships with your clients.

Be Trustworthy

I don’t know anyone successful and untrustworthy; therefore, you need to be trustworthy to be successful.

There are times when you will come across a client who will pay you before you start a project.

For example, I have a number of clients who always pay me before I work on a project. Since I have never met, and I’ll probably never meet the clients, I can choose to take the money and not respond to email or Skype messages, right? But that would be wrong.

To be successful you need to be trustworthy. If a client pays you before you work, always ensure that you work on the project and deliver high quality results.

Never give up

Are you just starting out? Let me tell you something, you will get many rejection letters and have a hard time landing your first job. While this is the case, you shouldn’t give up; you should be persistent and keep on bidding and applying for jobs.

To increase your chances of getting your first job, you should charge slightly lower fees than experienced freelancers. When you get the job, you should give it your all in order to give perfect results.

If you an experienced freelance expert, there are some weeks that will be slow and jobs won’t be coming your way. You should continue bidding and you will definitely be successful.


These are tips on how to be successful as a freelancer. Remember to always demonstrate professionalism in your work.

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