3 Destructive Ways That Hamper Your Dog’s Training

Training a doggy is not a one-time process. It is a continuous thing wherein you constantly try to hone his skills in such a way that he becomes proficient. But there are certain things that can really affect his training. These things can spoil all the hard work that you have done already in training your furry companion. Moreover, it can also confuse him and make him wonder whether he needs to follow you or not.

Let us look at some of these destructive ways that hamper your dog’s training:

Inconsistency With The Expectations

This is one of the biggest mistakes made by dog owners. During the training process it is very important to be consistent. For example; if you are teaching your doggy to sit before he gets food, ensure that he does it every single time. If that means postponing mealtime for a few minutes, so be it. Or if you want to stop your tyke to stop barking, redirect him successfully without giving up. This will ensure that he gets the cue that you want him to stop barking. Also ensure that you are consistent with the pooch in your house and not only during the training. If this is not done, then indiscipline might creep up in the furry pal which might result in destructive behavior.

Giving Different Word Cues For The Same Command

If you are living in a big family it can be very difficult to be consistent with your verbal cues. This is especially true when you have children in the house. But if you are consistent with the verbal cues it will make the life of your canine easier. He will also learn new rules and expectations. For example; if you, your spouse and your children are using a different verbal cue for the command “down” like “lie down” or “get down” although everyone wants to say the same command “down” it can confuse your doggy to no bound. So, always try to give same consistent word cues to the doggy while giving the same command.

Not Accounting For The Environment While Training

There are certain pet owners who do not understand the reason for their furry pal to perfectly sit at home, but chooses not to listen in the park. If this is the situation that you are countering at present understand that your canine is really distracted. Remember, dogs are overloaded with senses in dog park because there is so much more happening in the park than your house where they spend most of their time. If you find that your furry pal is distracted in a particular place where he does not listen, do not practice training skills there. It is in that environment the furry pal will try to ignore you. So, commence in the house, then move to the backyard, the front yard, during your regular walk, at the edge of the park and finally in the middle of the park. This way you will get the total attention of your furry pal even in an environment where he feels distracted.

As a dog owner, you try your level best to provide the best pet care supplies for your furry pal. But there are times when certain things hinder your canine from grasping your commands. These things can go a long way in hampering the hard work done earlier in teaching them during training. To enlighten the dog owners, I have provided certain clues which would assist them to not make these mistakes while training their furry pals.

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