The World’s Most Beautiful Sacred Destinations

In today’s modern world, no matter how much we progress and no matter how much advancement we reach, somehow we still can’t overcome the greatness of our forefathers. This principle also applies to buildings. No matter how many high rise skyscrapers we see, we only get a perfect peace of mind when we go to visit our traditional legends. These beautiful religious destinations are the ones that will make your heart sing and give you peace of mind even if you’re not a believer. Travel here using British Airways and your journey will be great (both spiritually and otherwise).

1. The Marble Mountains (Vietnam):
This place is a cluster of mountains made of marble and limestone which are located near the Vietnamese city of Da Nang. These five mountains are actually said to be a representation of the five elements – Kim (metal), Moc (Wood), Hoa (Fire), Tho (Earth) and Thuy (Water). All the mountains have entrances and tunnels and are easily climbable. Along the way to the top, tourists get to see several Buddhist sanctuaries which are used for praying even today. You also get to see the famous stone sculptures as well as stone cutters who are known to create amazing work.

2. The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia (Turkey):
These two places are actually one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey and international representatives of the Turkish culture. The Hagia Sophia was the largest cathedral of the world for more than 1000 years. It was later converted into a mosque and now works as a museum. The ceiling is filled with Christian portraits whereas the walls are covered in Arabic scriptures (a representation of Islam). Right on the opposite side of this building, we find the Blue Mosque which was made as an inspiration and extension of the architecture of the Hagia Sophia. The main theme of this mosque is the color blue which can be seen in the tiles, the glass work and in some cases the carpets. This building can accommodate 10,000 people at a single time for prayer.

3. Teotihuacan, Mexico:
This city located in the valley of Mexico which has the ‘Avenue of the Dead’ in its center is surrounded by many different and impressive places as well. So visiting here is actually going to allow you to view. The pyramids surrounding this place are said to be representations for the Sun, the moon. During its peak time, this place was used as center for human and animal sacrifice and has many such legends associated with itself.

These are the places that you need to see due to their authentic beauty and architectural grace. These sacred sanctuaries will be a dose of fresh air for you and your soul as well. And let us tell you that going to these places might be the perfect vacation for you, if you plan it well. And how will you plan it well? Simply look into British Airways to make sure you have the best air travel experience.

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