How Do You Begin To Consider A Renovation Project?

These steps offer a broad foundation in how to get started if you are thinking about renovating your home.

Gather your ideas

• Watch renovation shows (but don’t trust the timelines as a lot can happen during commercials).

• Visit web sites that show renovated areas which are similar to what you have in mind for your renovation.

• Visit showhomes in the city to get ideas.

• Research professional renovators to find one who has all the credentials with a proven track record.

Meet your chosen renovator for an in-home consultation

• Let your renovator know your thoughts and ideas for your home.

• At this point, a good renovator can also coach you on a good stop / start point for your renovation.

• The key to a successful renovation is to seamlessly incorporate renovated areas into existing areas.

• This meeting should end with aligned expectations on budget and vision of the project.

Are you ready to take the next step?

• Is your budget and the renovator’s ballpark price aligned?

• Are you excited about giving your existing home a wash of fresh design and perhaps additional square footage?

• If you answered yes to the above, it’s time to begin the process in earnest.

Assure yourself that you are spending prudently:

• A professional renovation is an investment in your home which you will recapture at some point in the future.

Design and detailed planning:

• Work begins by measuring your home, then drafting the plans for your renovation.

• After you approve the conceptual drawings, its time for the specification writer and estimator to meet at your home to define, with you, the details of your renovation.

• With this meeting complete, the team can now document the project by writing a detailed scope of work and calculating the fixed contract price.

Good to Go:

• Upon your request to begin the renovation, the next step would be to meet with the in-house interior designer to select all the products and colours for your new renovation.

• Once products that are required have been selected, the team will begin the work on site.

• Depending on the scope of the renovation it might be necessary to find an alternative residence to live in for the duration of the project.

• Check with your renovator if they offer accommodations.

• As the homeowner, you should be kept in the loop every step of the way.

• A professional renovator will handle all the hurdles of the renovation to keep your stress to an absolute minimum.

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