Common Misconceptions About Weed Management You Must Avoid

Having a hard time getting those weeds out of your lawn? Despite putting the right treatment and doing some extra work properly and regularly, you still see that one particular type of plant growing and flourishing on your property. What must be going on?

Perhaps you’re doing them wrong. Experts in lawn care local residents trust shares common misconceptions about weed management.

They have listed below common weed control practices that most property owners do without knowing that they are actually helping the weeds spread or grow again.

Misconception 1: Pulling the weeds by hand anytime of the day at your convenience is the most effective way to get rid of them.

This is very wrong. There are certain conditions you must check before doing this.

How do you pull the weeds correctly?

To get the best results, you must wait until the conditions are right to pull them out. First, the ground must be moist. Second, the weather must be hot. During these conditions, it will be easier and more effective to pull the weeds out.

On another note, you have to make sure you get the whole root out of the ground if you want to get rid of them for good.

Misconception 2: Digging the area where the weeds used to be in will kill them off for good.

Wrong again. Digging up the soil where weeds used to be will allow more of their spores to be released into the air. This means allowing more weeds to travel and spread all over your property.

What should you do then?

Just leave it alone. When you’re done killing off the weeds, just let them be. Avoid messing with them too much to prevent more weed problems in the future.

Misconception 3: Watering and fertilizing your lawn all year round will also keep the weeds healthy.

Again, this is not at all true.

In fact, having a lush and healthy lawn will help smother the weeds, therefore discouraging them from growing and spreading.

It is vital to keep your outdoor space healthy and green. Just make sure you water it properly and put fertilizers regularly according to schedule.

Misconception 4: Using weed control treatments will solve it all.

This is totally wrong.

Having the right weed control treatments greatly helps in keeping the weeds at a minimum in your lawn. However, these products don’t completely solve your weed problems.

You must also invest sufficient personal time and effort so you can fully control and solve this turf issue. Follow proven effective tips shared by experts in lawn care instead of listening to misconceptions.

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