Bring The Indoors Out

It has been a trend the last few years to bring your living space outside. Sure, before all the fancy sets and patio decor people still sat out in their backyards to soak up the sun or to have a quiet place to read, but now it’s getting serious with actual living rooms designed specifically for the outdoors everywhere you look.

Outdoor rooms can be actual extensions of your home. You can get gathering sets, dining sets, couches, chairs and all the accessories needed to have a comfortable living room right outside the back door. There are all sorts of patterns and colours available so you have choice and style down. If you have a covered deck you have already won the battle if it happens to rain, but gazebos are making a comeback and are lovely places to set up your outdoor living area.

Another room that is being duplicated to the great outdoors is the kitchen. You can have elaborate barbecues complete with stonework, counter tops, cook tops and storage built right into your backyard. Some plans also incorporate fridges so you never have to leave your yard for a cold beverage again.

Of course the nights, even in summer can get a bit chilly depending on where you live, but never fear because outdoor fireplaces are a great addition to any yard. They can be built out of almost any brick and can have doors, chimneys and all sorts of detail depending on your needs. They can be full fledged fireplaces, fire pits or pizza ovens that double as a fire when the breezes turn chilly. Now you don’t have to leave your yard because not only can you cook outside but you can also curl up beside the fire under the stars.

Your landscaping can also incorporate a pagoda or an aforementioned gazebo to use for shade or somewhere else to sit and chat. Pagodas are nice because they are usually made of wood and bring a warmth to the space while still allowing the breezes through.

Depending on the size of your yard you can have many different outdoor rooms blending effortlessly into your landscaping scheme. With all the choices available today there is no wonder backyard style is in fashion. What are you waiting for? Take the indoors outside this summer and you can have more space for entertaining, hanging out or just relaxing. Enjoy!

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