Why I Chose To Use The Scare Crow Motion Activated Animal Repellent

I have lost fish to herons before and have always wanted a device that would scare the day lights out of them and also keep other predators away as well. I come upon this device called a Scarecrow which after you add the decals looks like a creature itself. Of course I was skeptical at first but then I found out it really works! It was very easy to install with a hose and a 9 volt battery. One thing to remember is not to push down on the head of the ScareCrow to push in the ground. The hose connection inlet and outlet are made to step on to push in the ground which requires very little force because of the pointed end piece. OK, after installing where I wanted it to protect my water garden I turned on the garden hose and checked for leaks, the secret being not to tighten to tight or you could damage the unit.

Testing of the ScareCrow

You will notice a dial on the back of the unit which is a sensitivity control, which adjust from 0 to 10 with 10 being the most sensitive. I have mine set at the 5 position which works best for me. I have been super happy with my experience with the ScareCrow that I bought a second unit for our pool to keep away the onslaught of spring black birds making their disgusting messes around our pool area. The results of this testing has been incredible! Both my devices work incredibly will, even more than I expected. another thing nice about your ScareCrow is that they can feed through each other to give you even more protection.

A Couple of Suggestions

First I would suggest using the highest quality battery you can install which will help make your ScareCrow work longer without changing the battery. If you experience many activation’s, then you might want to keep a spare battery handy so you can change it quickly. Make sure you experiment with your device location to ensure full coverage of your pond or garden.

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