White Granite – Discover All Its Visible Basic Luxuries

You are the kind of person that readily falls in love with anything that is white. By anything white I mean everything that are in white color like clothes, accessories, cars, appliances and gadgets. You get easily fascinated by those that are colored, painted or covered in white. It follows that when you think about buying or owning your future home, it came to your vision in white, well not everything white but almost. Especially your kitchen and bath; the countertops, back splash, sink, tile flooring, shower stalls walls and vanity tops that is in your dream kitchen and bath are predominantly white.

However there is no such thing as pure White Granite if you are thinking of installing a pure white custom granite kitchen in the future when the right time and resources are within your means. Either you go for a predominantly white granite slab with variations, striations or flecks of gray in different shades and other off-white tones that are akin to beige and green granite color. Or you have to go for the predominantly gray with white flecks, striation and variations.

In order for you to realize the dream of your life, a custom kitchen in your much-loved color, you have to know the name of the granite color you want, especially those categorized as white. Currently there are 7 colors that are popular. There’s some kind of typical mindset with customers in preferring these 7 light granite variations depending which ones are available, that made these 7 become the top pick. Ask the natural stone custom fabrication company you hire to customized your required products which one out of these 7 popular white tones they have on hand or they can get for you. You may turn unconventional though and pick your own choice from all the available white granite variations.

Top 7 Picks White Granite Color Names

  1. Arctic White
  2. Bianco Romano
  3. Granite Delicatus
  4. Ornamental Giallo
  5. Kashmir White
  6. Aurora Borealis
  7. Moon Night
  • These granite colors are predominantly white and when viewed from a distance offer different gradations depending on the intensity and hue of the light that reflects of its surface.
  • Just like any other popular granite color these light-colored granites have its pros and cons when used as materials for custom countertops, vanity tops, tile flooring, shower stall walls and decorative paneling. These pros and cons may make your life convenient or may make your life a little bit complicated.
  • Usually white toned custom granite products when installed or applied will make any cramped space look a little bigger. It opens up your perception of the space and make the space look clean and tidy. A white themed kitchen just like the one you could have if you go for marble but with the hard-wearing durability of granite. If you readily spend all your time preparing food for parties and not getting them catered by restaurants or by any other means then the more colorful or heavily flecked/striated/veined White Granite will be perfect for you, these colors easily mask stain and etch marks.
  • White Granite has a timeless and ageless natural magnificence which will always make your modern kitchen or contemporary kitchen fashionable. It’s perfect for those who have no plan of remodeling it for the next 30 years. Elegance and sophistication is definitely granite, even with the black, beige or brown colors.
  • Any products customized from granite will remain classic for a long, long time. All custom natural stone fabrication shops have in their stock hundreds of granite slabs for you to choose from. Be sure the slabs you choose for your custom fabrication project have enough supply in stock to cover your entire project. It definitely will not look as good as the images you’re viewing when your custom kitchen looks broken in patches when finished. You have to make sure of this because bulk slabs are not exactly the same. Your granite has to come from one single bulk slab to harmonize colors.

Avail of free estimates and initial consultation offers from prospective custom natural stone fabrication companies you shortlisted for your project. That is the time you can gain some progress into assessing their capability. The best custom natural stone fabrication company will be able to discuss White Granite extensively with you to eliminate any misconstruction. There are many variations of white when referring to colors of granite.

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