What Your Patio Colors Say About You

Do colors speak to you? Sometimes they can signify our lives in more ways than we know. What do your favorite color schemes say about you?

Black: People who choose black as their color are typically well-organized and detail oriented people. They are often typically seen as sensitive, creative, and artistic

White: The color of peace. This color represents rational people who do not keep a great deal of clutter in their space

Red: The color of passion. People who love red for their space are often determined and firm in character

Orange: The color of liveliness. The color orange represents people who are outgoing, flashy, and laid back.

Yellow: The color of energy. People who are drawn to the color yellow are often eager learners and have a lightness about them that comes from true inner happiness. Yellow lovers also love to share!

Green: The color of purity. People who identify green as their favorite color are usually warm and friendly, trustworthy, and honest. Green also represents a security in your relationships with others

Blue: The color of harmony. Those who favor blue are reliable, sensitive, and compassionate. These people often value stability and cleanliness. This color represents those who can form or find serenity and tranquility in many aspects of life that most cannot get too.

Purple: One of a kind. Those who favor purple are often those unique characters in our lives. These people are imaginative and artsy

Pink: The color of youth. Pink devotees are caring, gentle, delicate, and sincere

Brown: The color of simplicity. People who find themselves drawn to brown are regularly modest and content with little amount of complication in their lives

Beige: The color of steadiness. People who find beige in the center of their nature are typically traditional but flexible. They are also calm and warm.

Grey: This color can be seen to represent Impassiveness. Grey fans typically have a difficult time making decisions and may be slightly introverted as their relationships with others are often considered surface interactions.

So you can see that colors will make any setting or decor pop. You just have to be open and honest with yourself and let your expressions come through. Get your friends involved, ask them for there thoughts about you. Take the chance, go bold and daring. For the people who want to play it safe, stick to the traditional colors and patterns.

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