What You Should Know About Concertina Coil

Concertina coil is the fusion of razor wires and barbed wires and usually in large coils that can then be expanded as concertina that is entangled. Basically, the coils and wires are used by the military so as to form obstacles that are wired.


The spiked hindrances became popular during World War I and they were made by the extension of lengths of fencings between iron and wood. This is not complex as a boundary and it can be used for horticultural use. In the past, the hindrances were quite powerful but the development took a lot of time. They evolved into the coils we know today.

There are different features that can be included in the concertina coils today. There are different measurements too, and you can select coils that will suit all your needs. Different companies have been set up so as to create the best concertina coils offering the highest standards of security. The best coils are safe against chemicals, rain, dampness, and erosion. The loops are created to have steel that is well sharpened and of high strength.

The concertina coils are used in the areas that are rather touchy. This includes the outskirt regions, high security zones, mechanical regions, military regions and other ranges. Setting the up takes a level of expertise. The coils should be set up in a way that there is no space for a man or a creature of a moderate size to pass. Applications include places such as security at the borders, military camps, army bases, large institutions, jail establishments, business places, private homes or private places.

There are different categorizations of the concertina coils. You can choose the one that you feel suits your need best and purchase it. There are those that remain shiny for a long time while others are coated. Choice of material depends on what each individual wants.

The categorizations

Categorizations are made according to the type of material that has been used. They are:

  • Normal G.I coated
  • ZAL coated
  • Fine and polished stainless steel

The wires and coils have got an amazing imperviousness to all sorts of corrosive downpours, consumption and all climates. Most of the wires maintain their appearance for a very long time before they begin to wear out. This kind of fencing has actually been perceived a very effective gadget.


Concertina razor coils are supplied as single coils or as crossed spiral coils. It is possible to produce a razor type wire in the coils or simply do it straight. The blade types and the specifications vary a great deal according to what the customers want.


Fencing is a requirement in almost any area. There are areas that need more security than others and it is important to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

The main areas of application of the coils are security fencing. There are lots of places that the coils can be used. This includes military sites, residences, garden isolations, and all other areas that need the highest levels of security.

Concertina coil is a very effective method of securing things of high value or areas that need the highest standards of security. It has been seen to be very effective in all areas and usually no one can really get through this kind of fencing because of the kind of blades that are included.

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