What Is The Positive Reinforcement Method Of Dog Training?

Successfully training your dog using the positive reinforcement method is the most effective and loving way to train your pet. Dog training experts understand that positive reinforcement training is the best choice for both you and your dog according to recent reports.

Positive reinforcement uses a simple theory. It is rewarding the dog’s behavior that you want to teach your dog. When your dog behaves in an unwanted way then you do not reward him; you ignore the unwanted behavior that you don’t want to see repeated.

The cruel methods used in the past that included but not limited to intimidation and physical pain are now considered animal abuse. These inhumane methods rarely worked, and will just destroy the dog’s spirit.

Positive reinforcement works with your dog normal instinct; your dog wants to please you. It’s a win-win for both you and your dog.

Dogs can easily learn that if they displease you then there is no positive, yet if they please you when you want them to learn, that positive reinforcement creates a unique bond between you and your dog.

I personally have used this approach with my dog Harlow. Harlow is a rescue that was used as a puppy factory. She was caged outside with no shelter. It was a very sad situation.

When I rescued her, she was so malnourished because of the lack of food, and her puppies were draining her nutrition. It was a tough situation; she had a slim chance of living.

With love and positive reinforcement training along with good nutrition and natural safe flea, tick and mosquito treatment she is now a happy dog.

Although I sometimes wonder if she will ever be free from the chains of abuse and neglect. She is afraid of brooms, mops, and anything with the appearance of a stick.

I’m not an authority on dog behavior and have learned that dogs live in the moment, but Harlow still has nightmares. I awaken her from crying as she sleeps almost daily.

Harlow has a kind heart and is gentle and loving. She is very aware when I am ill, and she wants to comfort me. Yes, dogs respond to kindness if they are treated with kindness and positive reinforcement.

When using positive reinforcement, we are allowing our dogs the time and opportunity to use their own brain. Do dogs think? Their reasoning ability is very different from humans, but they are smart. And they can learn quickly if trained responsibility with love.

I do not believe there is a mean vicious dog. I believe this aggressive behavior happens because of the way dogs are treated, neglected and abused.

Dogs get bored easily. The routine pat on the head and a “good girl” doesn’t really work because dogs just do not respond to that.

Dog trainers recommend food treats and physical affection as primary incentives. I have learned with Harlow that positive reinforcement is very effective.

Keep the happy healthy tails wagging and receive unconditional love from your pet. I am a pet parent, writing enthusiast, key note speaker and professional learner. Join me for the most up-to-date information and fun loving creative ways to keep your pet devoted to you. Good nutrition, positive reinforcement training, and playful fun is the way to grow the amazing bond between you and your pet. Join Me Healthy Happy Wagging Tails.

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