Ventilate Food Odors In Style With Trendy Hood Range Ideas

The days of hosting a boring chunk of metal in the middle of your kitchen are over. When it comes to hood ranges, your options are plentiful, such as fabulous coppers, stainless steels, ceramics, and much more. This guide is going to give you a few ideas that you can consider when you are planning to install a hood range. Add a bit of spark to your kitchen while keeping odors and grease at bay.

Mantel Hood Ranges

If you are going for a more elegant look within your culinary space, consider creating a mantel-themed hood range. This type of range sports a high-end presence that is classy and elegant. Most mantel hood ranges are constructed out of treated wood and painted in the color of your choice. However, copper can also be used and still look just as amazing.

Black is Back

Over the past decade, plain black hood ranges have rather gone out of style due to copper and other metals taking its place. However, charcoal black steel has made a definite comeback in the world of kitchen décor and gives your cooking space a distinct traditional feeling. If you enjoy your home having a grand appearance, this type of ventilation hood is definitely, what your kitchen needs.

European Style

Ah, the English countryside in its entire splendor can now reside inside of your kitchen. Consider constructing a high arch made from wooden panels over your range that act as a housing for your ventilation hood. If you have stainless steel appliances, the contrast between them and the dark varnished wood will pair together well.

Modern Essentials

If you are into modern technology yet enjoy keeping your home décor edgy and basic, consider utilizing a small, inconspicuous range hood to grace your subtle kitchen. This type of hood is on the small size and looks amazing against a crisp, white backsplash. Feel free to go with a wood, copper, or ceramic hood vent.

Spanish Charm

If you are a fan of looks from the Old World, you might fare well with a grand plaster hood adornment. This style look amazing in contrast with a colorful backsplash pattern sporting Spanish themes. It is best that when choosing this style, the hood color matches the colors of your walls.

A Perfect Match

If you are big into Feng Sheng and having your kitchen appliances completely match, add a wall of glass tiles as a backsplash behind your range. Ideally, your appliances will be stainless steel or copper, and the hood your choose will be of the same material and sport a basic, boxy look that is known more for its functional purposes rather than appearance.

The Focus

If your dream kitchen come complete with a fabulous focal point, ensue that it is your hood vent. This type of hood can be constructed out of almost any material, as long as it is extravagant and beautiful. Think of intricate designs, grandeur, and beauty. The ventilation system itself can hide under this gorgeous hood and nobody would ever suspect its presence, as they would be too focused on the luster of the hood.

Bold, Bronzed, and Beautiful

Adding bronze tone to your kitchen is a wonderful way to make a statement about your personality. Bronze says you are brave, majestic, and you aren’t afraid to try new things such as a curved range hood. A bronze hood in your kitchen also gives you an opportunity to choose a wonderful backsplash that pairs well with the scenery.

Get Curvy

When you have angular appliances in your kitchen with sharp edges and straight-line features, adding a curved copper kitchen hood over your range adds the perfect amount of contrast. By doing this, you are helping to break up the monotony of your space.

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