Tips On Finding The Right Shoes For Working Out

When we all started our initial fitness journeys, we never thought to consider that specific gear is required for specific exercises. Well, at least I didn’t. I used to run, exercise and cycle in my casual vans shoes. I used to always run into frontal knee pain after smashing my feet down on the pavement during runs. I never used to run very far either because of this pain.

Although during this time I was predominately going to the gym so the vans were quite suitable because they were flat in nature so I never realised my wrongdoing when it came to the runs and cycling. With cycling, it’s quite unsafe to be running with shoes that have such long and loose laces such as the vans shoes.

To cut a long story short, you need the right shoes for the right type of exercise that you’re doing. Whether this is running, cycling, CrossFit or just simply going to the gym you need to take into consideration what you’re wearing. This is especially what I was looking into when I was researching the right workout shoes for men.

Running shoes, for example, have a high drop, meaning that the heel is higher than the toe – this is OK for running shoes because it helps our knees from getting injured however as you can imagine if you’re doing squats this won’t be as suitable.

Squats require you to have a neutral flat motion. In that case, you need a more flat shoe. Anyway, with the fear of rambling too much, I’ve created a list of tips that you can consider when you’re looking for the right type of workout shoe whether you’re a male or female.

Some Tips To Consider When Looking For The Right Workout Shoes


If you’re using your shoes to go to the gym and doing various exercises such as squats, deadlifts and drills and you’re going to the gym more than 3 days a week then you’re going to quickly start wearing out the soles and the bottom of the shoes.

Look for shoes that have been rated as having good durability, usually for gym shoes having a pair of leather shoes are good as long as they’re flat and you don’t need them for any exercises that require bending of the shoe.


The purpose is of course important if your main type of exercise is running then definitely get a running shoe, if it’s CrossFit then look for shoes suitable for CrossFit and if you’re a powerlifter or simply a bodybuilder then having a flat shoe will suit your purposes the most. If you’re cycling, then you might require either cleats or laceless shoes to prevent injury.

Your purposes may not be running or training at the gym at all. Your type of workout might be hiking for example, where you would need a combination of support and cushioning. Also a degree of protection for a variety of weather conditions that may occur. A bootlace and some gaiters might be beneficial as well to avoid any rocks and debris entering your shoe.

And lastly, if you’re mainly doing strength training (Think powerlifting, so deadlifts and squats) then you’re going to need a hard, stable and non-compressible shoe which are usually leather in nature. They are also flat because your feet need to remain firm on the floor.

Consider your foot type

Do you have a narrow foot? Or maybe a wide foot or you have a massive toe. These are all key considerations when looking for the right type of workout shoe.

If you go window shopping at most shoe stores they’ll typically evaluate your foot and then provide you with some options, you can take this home as homework and then look for suitable shoes online that you can find at discounted prices.


Price is always going to be a determining factor for a lot of people so I won’t say much here other than do your reviews, especially on the shoes that cost a lot less than the big brand ones. One thing you should never do is skip out on quality for price because the shoe will likely not be durable enough to last through the year.

Some final words

You should also like the shoes that you’re purchasing, they don’t need to look ugly. Nicer looking shoes boast confidence and motivate you to train more.

I’ve also done a post on some of the top-rated workout shoes, which also contains more in-depth information about how to find the right ones. It contains some more information about the different types of workout shoes that are available as well.


As you can see, there are many different things you need to consider in order to prevent injury and get the most efficiency out of your workout so that you can progress and become a better athlete. We’re constantly posting more tips like this as well as workouts, regimes and drills on our health and fitness website,┬áThe Ultimate Primate. Check it out.

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