Kitchen Home Improvement Dreams

I just love home improvements. From the mess to the toss to the reconsideration to the finished product, fixing up my house is a joy. Stress may reign for a week or two and blood from smashed fingers and sweat from tough work may ensue, but in the end, things are fresh and clean and joyously livable in an entirely new way. My biggest problem with home improvement is cutting off a bite-sized piece of work and working little by little. I prefer to think big, huge, enormous, and all out. And so what started as a long yearned for new refrigerator has turned into a much larger endeavor. After all, a new frig would look out of place without additional accouterments.

To begin with I have hated my old refrigerator from the day we bought it. Always seeking a bargain, I got one, but it is not the product that I desired. It is cheap and so when I swing the doors open brusquely the railings fall off dumping ketchup and syrup across my floor. Cheap plastic adorns the interior and thus the drawers no longer slide and one is so broken that it will not reattach and so it fills a shelf and miscellaneous piles of food fill it. The freezer is small and stuff often tumbles out smashing delicate toes. When it is really feeling ornery and nasty which most often occurs when I am gone on vacation, both doors sag open defrosting the works making a dump trip essential. My new dream machine is glistening, sturdy, with French doors and a bottom drawer freezer. Lovely imaginings!

But as I researched the frig situation I realized that it would need a friend and so another long wished for item will be a double oven. My old stove still works and so I am saddened to turn it loose, but after 20+ years with me and more years with the previous owners, it, too, must go. I’d like to donate it to a good home, but who wants an old stove? I know my new appliances will be tremendous pals. While I would like to add a microwave and dishwasher, I will hesitate on those for a moment.

A new refrigerator and stove would look out of place without accompanying countertops, right? Ten years ago when we purchased our new maple cupboards I selected melamine tops. My previous ones in several different homes had worn for years with nary a mark or scratch. The “new” material, however, is not the same and they look tired and smeared. I have admired granite at my family and friends and so that is also in my scheme. Granite comes in so many color choices and design varieties that just examining them is a thrill and a challenge as I search for the ideal slab. I think maybe I have found the perfect one with golds and browns and flecks of silver and white but a final decision is a few days off. After holding the sample next to the potential frig and oven my new kitchen materialized into a glorious exhibit. This held me right up until the instant that I glanced at the floor. You guessed it. A dull, dilapidated floor is counterproductive to a vision of beauty with my other envisioned purchases.

And so I continue my wanderings to find the best flooring to blend cabinets, appliances, and counters. This has been much more complicated than you might think. A bold floor detracts from the granite; a dynamic floor overpowers it. Discovering the right color and texture makes it stand out as the focal point of the room. Having a potential sample in hand with the granite at its side and a photo of frig and stove lined up along the cabinets I recognize that new paint is in line as well. All of this is all right as I have time, energy, and no deadlines. My kitchen dream is soon to transform into a reality.

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