Kitchen Faucets That Fit Your Lifestyle

Kitchen faucets have come a long way, with various designs available that fit every need. At a basic level, you can choose from products that have a single handle, two handles, or no handles. However, not every design is right for every household. If you’re remodeling, you need to choose a model that fits in with the current piping and holes, unless you are going to make adjustments to the plumbing as well. You also should consider how often and in what ways you use your sink on a regular basis.

Single Lever

Many people think the single lever kitchen faucets are more modern looking than those with two handles, though today’s designs offer trendy looking models in both. In this model, one handle operates both the hot and cold water, and it is either located to the side of the spout or directly in front of it. It generally gives a more streamlined look to your sink area, as it doesn’t take up as much space on your sink. This model is really easy to use, since you only have one control. Installation involves only a single hole in your countertop.

However, this type can be a little harder to get used to in terms of getting the right temperature and flow. You can easily manipulate the “hot” and “cold” levels on a dual faucet, but on this type you must find the right balance between the temperatures and adjust the flow by moving the lever in small increments.

Double Lever

This is the more traditional model, but there are a lot of modern looking designs available. A single spout comes out of the center, and hot and cold handles are on either side. The installation involves more holes in your countertop. It is easy to achieve and maintain a desired temperature and water flow, since you can independently control the two handles. However, with more controls, you also have more chance for leakage.

No Lever

This model, also referred to as touchless, has no levers to actually control the water flow or temperature. They have a motion sensing mechanism that turns on the flow of water when your hand is there, and shuts it down when your hand moves away. This type is a great way to reduce water consumption. Also, since you don’t have to touch any controls, there is less chance of spreading germs, as you can when touching faucet controls.

Other considerations when browsing kitchen faucets include:

– Spraying option: Some products incorporate a pull down or pull out option into the main spout, while others may have a separate sprayer. The installation requirements will vary, but you also have to consider how far out you will want to use a sprayer, as each type has its own limitations.

– Water filtration: Instead of purchasing a separate filter unit to attach to your faucet or under-sink plumbing, you may want a model that has this feature built-in. You will still have to maintain the filters inside the unit, but you won’t have to worry about a separate installation process.

– Pot filler: If you do a lot of cooking for a lot of people, you may consider this feature. It is a separate spout that can be anywhere in your kitchen.

Visit home improvement and specialty stores for a wide selection of kitchen faucets. The staff should be able give you additional information on the pros and cons with the different product models, and which one may be best suited for your particular lifestyle.

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