How to Choose an Urban Scooter

The living conditions in the city influence the choice of transport we use. Against the background of the endless traffic congestion, crowding and lack of air buses and minibuses, the scooter has gained its popularity all over the world, especially in cities.

Reviews suggest that the most popular urban scooters are used for commuting and just walking through the streets. They are designed for driving on asphalt road and equipped with polyurethane wheels. An urban scooter has a small size and is suitable for driving on sidewalks and tile. The main advantages of these scooters are the ease, compactness, relatively low price.

How to Choose an Adult Urban Scooter

Before you choose an adult urban scooter, you should know much about it. Collapsible scooters are most often made of steel withstanding considerable weight, with reliable polyurethane wheels and a broad deck for the adult feet. They are always adjustable in height so that everyone can choose a comfortable position. An important condition is the safety, which depends on the quality material and high reliability of all connections.

To select the appropriate for the city, it’s necessary to pay attention to several parameters. Firstly, you should pay attention primarily to the wheel. It has the meaning of their size. The larger the wheel is, the higher the drive speed is. But at the same time, it reduces maneuverability. Such a model will suit an adult, self-confident rider. The width of the tire is directly proportional to the stability of the scooter. The material from which made the wheels is too important. Plastic wheels are rare, usually in cheaper models. They serve not for very long and are suitable for driving on a perfectly flat surface. Polyurethane wheels differ in stiffness. The higher the score is, the more sensitive you will have to clash with stones and potholes on the road. Soft wheels would negate such inconvenience. But on the perfectly smooth asphalt road, of course, they lose more stringent control. The most versatile can be wheels with inflatable tires. They can travel on a variety of roads and even on the easy road (on the sand and grass).


If you are badly in need of an urban scooter, the X8 portable folding scooter would be a right choice.

With the folding design, this scooter is light, compact and portable. The unfolding size is 1056*1190*188mm and the folding size is 188*480*860mm. It weighs only 13 kg, but its max load is 120 kg. The frame is made of aerospace aluminum alloy so that the whole scooter is light but solid. It’s powerful and drives fast. And the max speed is up to 30 KM/h.

In addition, it offers safe and comfortable travel experience because of the professional design. The shock absorption system in includes the front pneumatic tire and built-in rear shock absorber. The security system includes high-and-low-speed control, cruise control and rear disc brake. The full protection system includes battery over-discharging protection, battery over- charging protection and battery operation protection. Moreover, the smart digital display shows battery and motor status, current speed and travel distance.


Selecting a folding model or a fully static designed model depends on your needs. As far as I’m concerned, folding models are more suitable for citizens as they are convenient to transport, store in an apartment with a lack of space and lift to the desired floor.

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