How Can Sunflower Oil Be Cholesterol Free?

When people hear the word cooking or frying oil, they tend to retract and think of oily and fatty foods. However this is not necessarily the case when it comes to sunflower oil. How fatty or oily the food is will depend on how much of it you add to your food. In saying that, is sunflower oil cholesterol free?

This is such a popular food ingredient and it is used daily in the frying, baking and cooking of various meals. Whenever you cook a pot of food on the stove or want to roast a chicken or vegetables in the oven, the first thing you add is sunflower oil. You may possibly pour a bit of it over the chicken and vegetables to give it a lovely brown and grilled appearance when it bakes in the oven. While you are adding sunflower oil to all your dishes, is it a good idea because of all the cholesterol awareness? Actually, it may be a good idea because 100% pure sunflower oil that is triple refined and undergoes a strict quality control process, is cholesterol free. When it is extracted from the sunflower seed, at this point there is no cholesterol in the seed itself. When the oil is kept at its purest form, with no cholesterol ingredients added, it will remain pure. You do need to check the label to ensure that the sunflower oil that you’re buying is cholesterol free. Usually they are endorsed by the heart foundation, so check the label to ensure you’re getting a quality product.

In addition, pure sunflower seed oil is high in polyunsaturates, plus it is free of any additives and allergens. It is suitable for most people, provided it is used in moderation (as with any ingredient). It is perfect to use for cooking, baking and frying purposes. Afterwards, you can dispose of this used liquid safely with a used oil collector. And, who knows, it may be used in the manufacturing of biodiesel. If more restaurants switch to 100% pure sunflower oil as the base ingredient for their meals, their customers will notice the difference and return for more. After all, people would rather eat something that was made with a low cholesterol ingredient than one that was prepared with any type of ingredient.

In conclusion sunflower oil that is 100% pure can be cholesterol free, especially when it is triple refined. If the manufacturing process is kept under a strict control process to ensure that no other cholesterol containing ingredients are added, then it is possible.

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