Do You Know About Dog Wheelchairs?

Many people are not aware that there is a device that will help disabled dogs. Dogs that cannot use all or some of their legs. That device is a dog wheelchair. There are many units available on the internet the types and prices can vary greatly. There are units for back leg, front legs and all four legs. I suggest you start simple and pick a wheelchair that is light weight easy to clean and affordable. Many units are very expensive running $300.00 to $1000.00 dollars. You can find them as low as $100.00. So do your research and pick one that meets your requirements.

They are made of different materials metal, aluminum, PVC pipe. The materials will affect the weight of the chair. For the smaller dogs I recommend PVC it is very light yet strong and easily cleaned. The strapping used is also important it must be strong, but most nylon and etc. are rough and can cause irritation to your dogs skin. This is important because your dog will be held in or lying on this material. Be sure the one you pick has some sort of cover over the strapping, like a soft thick cloth cushions to prevent this problem this is best, remember comfort is imperative for your dog to accept a dog wheelchair. It is also crucial that you can remove these straps and cushions for washing. As we all know dogs will get dirty and will get your wheelchair dirty. The cushions and straps have be able to easily remove and wash.

Another consideration is are the wheels a cheap plastic easily broken? Do they have sealed ball bearings. Many are just a plastic, or metal wheel that will get dirt caught between the wheel and the axle. This will create a problem with function. They will not move freely causing your dog to have to work harder or not be able to move the wheelchair. Also if the Ball Bearing wheels are not sealed dirt and grit can get into the mechanism and again cause the chair not to work properly.

Some dogs will not accept using a wheelchair so keep that in mind, be sure that it is returnable. We have found if fitted properly and approached correctly most dogs do accept it. We have had some realize right away that this gives them their mobility back and really enjoy it.



Do you have a disabled dog? There are options to the unthinkable. A dog wheelchair. Read this article and learn about an affordable dog wheelchair by wheelchairs for small dogs. It’s easy to use, affordable, and will give your dog the quality life it deserves.

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