Bike Trails Through The Alps Of The Sea

The bike trails through the alps of the sea are the objective of the cross-border project. Exceptional habitats, mild climate and a variety of landscapes make the numerous French and Italian valleys an ideal place to practice your favourite sport in total freedom. In response to the growing demand for well-appointed recrea-tional areas for leisure time and nature discovery, and with utmost respect for the rich and pristine environment in these lands, a network of 2000 km of bike trails have been created along the Italian and French slopes.

Intended for fans of long biking excursions and for leisurely family cycling as well, these itineraries have been carefully selected to offer trails that meet the needs and expectations of everyone. With the Alpi del Mare MTB cross-border trails, the Conseil general des Alpes-Marittimes and the Provinces of Cuneo and Imperia open the door for you to enter an exceptional world, where heritage treasures, legacies of a millenary history, extraordinary verdant green landscapes and sporting activities are harmoniously combined.

Ours is a unique territory, which takes you up to the highest peaks of the Ligurian Alps and down to the seaside in the space of just a few kilometers. Nature is varied here, and all year round you discover special colours and scents. A rainbow of flowers, eagles flying overhead, darting flickers in the bushes, vast stretches of bright green, majestic dry rock faces, shady olive groves, fragrant terraces… And constantly changing scenery day after day. All this is our way of welcoming you!

A journey through ancient trade routes filled with a thousand years of history: walls and terraces eroded by the waters, nestled villages overlooking the valleys, towns crossed by stone bridges, the passageway of ancient roads, sunny villas with parks facing the sea, small fishing villages that evoke traditions of the past. A traditional cuisine, genuine, simple but tasty, filled with Mediter-ranean flavours, the fruit of products from the land and sea: oil and wine, pasta and traditional focaccias, wild game, cheeses from alpine pastures, fresh fish cooked with such mastery that the very sight of it with desire.

The climate is always mild, the fresh air gives you vitality, and in all seasons of the year you can find the ideal conditions for cycling. On the mule tracks at high altitude in summer; up and down the valleys along the Riviera in winter. A network of trails 2000 km long to satisfy the needs of everyone: easy dirt roads for the family and challenging single-treks for the enjoyment of bikers in top form. All marked with international signs so you can go back and forth between Italy and France without losing your way.

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