Beyond the Myths and Towards the Truth About Counseling

There are several Myths surrounding Counseling and Therapy. The idea of going to a counselor makes people fear the judgments that will follow. Here we unfold the myths that cover counseling and people who go for counseling.

– Only ‘Crazy’ People Go for Counseling

People who visit a counselor and go for therapy are regular people like you and me, they aren’t violent, dangerous or crazy. Labels like these often stop people from doing the needful.

– Counseling changes who you are forever.

You are special, and the goal of counseling is not to change what makes you special. The goal is to bring out the list of changes from your end and only you can incorporate those changes. Counseling doesn’t change who you are, it helps you become a better person that too only based on your willingness.

– Counseling Is Only for People with Mental Illness

People visit counselors in order to cope with grief, depression, anxiety and other issues. Not necessarily mental illnesses like ADHD, Autism spectrum, and Schizophrenia. Some people also visit counselors to attain some clarity in their relationships, sexual tensions, and daily life stress.

– Counselors will tell me what to do

Counselors at no point are there to rule your life or become leaders who will tell you what needs to be done. Counselors simply ask you questions and together you can find answers to your issues. They do not give bits of advice or rules to follow.

– People Who Go for Counseling Are Broken and Emotionally Damaged

Just because you are facing issues and dealing with problems does not make you emotionally damaged or broken. It is not the end of the world, and you can always heal yourself by taking the right steps.

– They’ll Prescribe You Medicines

Counseling Psychologists are not eligible to prescribe medications. If at any point they feel that you need medication, they first refer you to a Psychiatrist who then based on their assessments decide whether you need medication.

However, to eat or not to eat those medicines remain your decision.

– Couples Counseling always makes one-person villain

Couples counseling involves listening to all the people involved in the relationship and work towards bringing the changes required together. They never intend to show or label any one person as a villain.

– People Get Counseled Only After Some Tragedy

Counseling can help you in several ways, and it’s a myth that one needs counseling only after facing a tragedy. You might be physically and mentally healthy and still seek counseling to maintain or improve it.

– A counselor does not know me and can’t help me

This is actually one of the reasons why a counselor will be able to help you better. When someone knows you it becomes difficult for the person to see your situation from a different perspective and while some may succeed in the perception, they might find it difficult to express it to you. This happens because they think “what if you feel bad”.

– It’s Too Expensive

Although most people feel counseling is costly, it is a long-term investment you make towards a better well-being. Counseling helps in building your physical as well as mental well-being.

– Counseling never ends

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