Are Slab Cabinets Right for My Kitchen?

There are many different styles of cabinets to choose from to install in your kitchen or bathroom, including the two most popular ones on the market today – slab cabinets and shaker cabinets. Even though both have a distinctiveness, it can be hard to decide which one of them is a better investment for your space.

With this in mind, here are a few things to think about before settling on a cabinet style for your home. Before you make up your mind, consider to what extent the following points apply to you, your tastes and your plans for the space you are decorating.

The flat or slab style is very modern one, which makes it especially suited to those who have more contemporary tastes who are designing their kitchen space. With a plain, simple and flat design, there are no features on the slab cabinet apart from its finishes and any hardware that has been put there.

This not only gives a modern look, but also provides a blank canvas for your imagination. It is up to you to choose a bold and bright shade of colour to make these cabinets stand out, or instead select a fascinating slab of wood that is rich in natural detail. These interesting finishes are suited to slab cabinets as there is nothing to distraction colours and textures on display.

It is also possible to add handles to your cabinets in a variety of colours, materials, textures and designs. This can make for a sleek, modern look or alternatively a flamboyant, eye-catching one. The ultimately yours, but the fact is that slab cabinets provide the ideal simple style that you can put your own stamp of personality on.

It should also be noted that although slab is a distinctly modern style, there is a way to tone down the contemporary nature of the furniture to make it fit in better with a more traditional home decor. This can be done by using a natural wood colour, which can look exceptionally beautiful without being either too modern or too traditional, if this is the decor style that you wish to create.

Another advantage of slab cabinets is that they tend to be a little less expensive than shaker designs. The reason for this is that their design is much simpler, and therefore they require a shorter and less complicated production process. With that in mind, this could be an ideal option for someone on a budget redecorating their kitchen.

The alternative to these types of cabinets is the shaker cabinet, which boasts a much more traditional style. These kinds of cabinets, therefore, can be perfect for anyone looking to create a classic look in their kitchen, particularly in country style or vintage kitchens. They also look fantastic when they keep their natural wood colour, which again looks very traditional.

It can also be argued that shaker cabinets can actually look more upmarket than their slab counterparts, as the complexity of their design can give them an air of premium, artisan quality, regardless of where they were made and who made them. Slab, on the other hand, can risk looking cheap if the finish is low quality.
Whichever you choose for your home all depends on how you want your finished kitchen to look. Slab cabinets are undoubtedly the go-to choice for modern kitchens, whereas shaker cabinets are ideal for traditional style decor.

With that said, the finish of the cabinets that you install in your home is very important. Choosing a finish that is high quality will make your cabinets look fantastic, regardless of the style, yet a low quality finish can detract from the stylish and modern look that slab achieves so well.

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