8 Smart Approaches to Crack CAT in Three Months!

Common Admission Test (CAT) is considered as one of the toughest exams in our India. A lot of students prepare for years together to score well in CAT. Because, good percentile in CAT is the key to unlock the gates of the IIMs, the prestigious institutions of India and other prominent B-schools. This year, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta has decided to conduct the exam on November 25, 2018. So, approximately 3 months remained for the exam. If you have filled the form for the CAT exam but not started your preparation yet, at the same time you are panicking by seeing other aspirants who are working very hard for the exam right from the beginning of the year. Then please calm down!! You still have time to prepare well for the exam to get a good percentile in CAT to make it to a good MBA college. Just prepare a good strategy by considering the following points and work accordingly.

1. Gather all the important materials required for preparation-

Break your preparation into 3 parts i.e. basic, intensive, mock tests. First of all read the books/materials (according to your syllabus) thoroughly to make your concept clear. Once you understand the fundamentals, try to solve the difficult level questions. Then go for mock test series. So collect your materials accordingly. Don’t forget to collect and practice previous year question papers.

2. Everyday counts, so be consistent-

Keep a calendar on your study table and mark every passing days to know how less time left for the exam. You must know that you do not have a single day to waste in unproductive things. If you keep taking breaks, you are sure to lose your pace of study instead of accelerating it. Make a date wise routine and finish your tasks accordingly.

3. Concentration and time management-

Concentration is a very vital factor to succeed in any exam. Especially the working persons who cannot allot major portion of their time for study should be more focused. They should study 2-4 hours in weekdays and 7-8 hours in weekends with full concentration. Every aspirant should make it a habit of studying for 2 – 2.5 hours with full focus then taking a break of 5-10 minutes and again sitting for another 1-2 hours for study.

4. Improve your vocabulary and the ability to solve numerical data-

In CAT exam, vocabulary and ability to solve logical and numerical data is given more importance. If you are strong in all these things then the result can be in your favor. So, take care of this thing and prepare accordingly.

5. Know your strengths-

One need not be equally strong in all subjects. So learn to play on your strengths. Attempt more questions of the segment in which you are strong.

7. Cultivate quick thinking ability-

Try solving one problem in many different ways. Try to master the shout cuts. It helps you cultivate a quick-thinking ability and as a result of which you can attempt more questions with accuracy in exam.

8. Take up mock tests-

Initially your scores might be pathetic but do not get panic. Keep on practicing test series. The most important thing you must do after giving every test series is to analyze the question patterns and your performance, identify your strength and weakness.

Be confident, never give up and always keep yourself motivated.


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