5 Useful Tips to Renovate the Kitchen

Modernizing the kitchen is certain to help improve the lifestyle and increase the market value of the property. But renovating the kitchen is something that shouldn’t be approached lightly and needs careful consideration. Here are five tips to help in the process of creating the perfect cooking space for the passionate home chef:


Use high-quality materials, hinges, and drawer slides to avoid constant issues with drawers sticking or cabinet doors that won’t stay closed. The preferred material for the cabinet doors and sides is wood veneer because it provides long-term strength and durability. Materials to avoid include particle board, MDF, laminate, and melamine.

Maximize space

Make the most of the available space in the kitchen by using the floor and wall cabinets that go from floor to ceiling. This makes it possible to increase the storage space and lowers the risk of not having somewhere to place new kitchen appliances at a later date. For ease in reaching the items stored in the cabinets, it benefits to avoid having the top of the wall cabinets at a height that exceeds eight-foot.

Paint vs. Stain

The choice of paint or stain cabinetry often comes down to personal preference. A brush-painted cabinet is highly favored by those that preferred a more unique design. Alternatively, the stained-wood cabinet is likely to be more hard-wearing, but the finish is certain to be more standard and dates much sooner.


An elegant countertop is essential to get the high-end and sophisticated look in the kitchen. To get a touch of warmth and elegance the stained wood and marble countertops are much in demand. Other great choices include limestone, soapstone, and slate.

When it comes to deciding on the preferred material for the countertop, it is worth considering the maintenance issues. Materials with a natural surface like tumbled marble and slate are a lot more difficult to maintain. A laminate countertop in a light color is easier to keep clean and crumb free. Also, materials like stainless steel are simple to wipe down, but are virtually impossible to keep free of smudges.


Fitting out the kitchen with just the basic appliances is generally more practical than installing a long list of appliances and gadgets. For instance, it is best to create a high-end focal point by installing a single commercial-grade stainless-steel range, which is certain to be more practical and need less space compared to a standalone cook top and wall oven.

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