3 Effective Tips To Get Your Dog To Sleep At Night

It’s simple – if your dog is awake at night, you’ll most likely be awake as well. With all the barking, whining and fussing around, it will definitely be hard to get a good night’s sleep. As a dog parent, it’s important to find out what causes your pet to be up during nighttime. Does he get hungry or need to do his business during the wee hours? Is he uncomfortable in his sleeping space? Knowing why he can’t sleep will help you solve the issue much faster.

Here are some effective tips to get your dog to sleep at night:

Include more physical activities in your dog’s daily routine

Canines have all this energy. If they’re not used up throughout the day, it may be one cause why they’re having a hard time sleeping in the evening. To ensure that their energy is used up, take him on a daily walk or run, play a game of fetch or have him play with active dogs. When he expends energy, he gets tired and will most likely feel sleepy as bed time approaches.

Let him know that it’s bed time

Dogs have no concept of time, that’s why it’s important for you to establish both a daytime and a night time routine. Familiarize him with a night routine which he’ll eventually know will shortly lead to bed time. You can start by feeding him dinner then playing for a bit. After a while, you can put away his toys and turn off the lights to let him know it’s time to sleep. Over time, he’ll know this routine by heart and he’ll have an easier time going to bed.

Make his sleep space more conducive

Puppies who are used to crates may feel more comfortable sleeping in one. So if you recently transitioned your pet to his own bed, it may be one reason why he’s having a difficult time snoozing at night. Observe where he is most comfortable sleeping and make it even more conducive – provide a long-lasting dog treat or his favorite toy to make him feel that his sleeping space is a spot that is his own.

The best thing to do is to let your dog associate sleeping and his sleep space with positive things. This way, he will be more comfortable and it will be easier for him to relax and snooze at night.

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