10 Best Knives for Hunting, Fishing, Camping And Zombie Defense

The Saltwater Knife

Made of steel and has the ability to cut shrimp for fishing. The perfect knife if you are looking for a knife that will never rust. The knife has tips that are blunt to protect the waters from the gashes. It has a thumb-hole meaning you can even open the knife with the gloves. Has a trim folding design for it to fit in the wader pockets.

The fillet Knife

It is sharp, very flexible, grippy and thin. The Girder Gator Knife comes with an integrated ceramic sharpener. It is perfect in fishing.

The Best Zombie Defense and Slicing Knives

The Zombie-Invasion Knife

It is made from a hatchet and a jungle machete. This knife is stout as much as necessary to cut off brambly vine and hardwood branches on your path. It is ideal for clearing the way through away.

The Camp Kitchen Knife

This knife is very sharp and low-priced. The Opine Knives Has a ring for locking the blades opens. It is perfect for dicing and slicing. Its blades are coated with carbon and stainless steel.

Hunting Knives

The Quick Field Skinner

It is designed by the Ken Onion. It is one the best knives to use in any outdoor activity. It has very sharp spear points for a negligible hair cut. This knife has a blade spine that sports a slight hump. This looks odd but when the knife is in use, you just pull its tip away and let it do the cutting.

The Fancy At-Home Skinner

Want to get rid of the carcass from its hide? This is the perfect knife for the job because it has a deer hanging under the back deck. Apart from it being beautiful and being a utilitarian object, this knife is very sharp

The Duck and Goose Breasting Knife.

It has a flexible blade and a spear point that are very good at removing breast meat from the breastbones. This is one of the oldest knives used by shepherds.

The Gut Hook

It is made by the Original Wyoming Knife. This knife has gut hooks that no other knife out there has. This knife can be held by the slimmest or bloodiest fingers that you can imagine. It has blades that are replaceable and very sharp.

Trimming Knives

The Folding Saw

This Bah-co Laplander folding saw is ideal for cutting bones, small limbs, and branches. This knife has teeth the cut of both ways, unlike other knives. Other folding saws might blow up while they are in use but not the Laplander. Its blades are coated to minimize the friction. It has a pivoting mechanism that makes it stout enough for it not to blow while in use.

The Gerber Air Ranger Knife

This is the knife that you cannot afford to leave home without. This super-duty knife is very tough and it is convenient to carry around because it is light. It is ideal for trimming and beer bottle opening.

A knife is vital when you are prepared to perform different outdoor events like in campsites and in cutting tree limbs. You should choose the best knife for your needs. When choosing the best knife, its size should always be put into consideration. Other considerations should be on the blade types, construction materials and other features that you may need.

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