Why You Might Not Be Right For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model which rewards ‘affiliates’ for the promotion of other people’s products on the internet. By sending website traffic to various products and services, affiliate marketers can earn a living from the sale of goods and services on the internet.

But not everyone is cut out for this kind of work. It involves working by yourself for quite a bit of time. There’s various technical skills you’ll need to learn such as website building, running adverts and connecting various software together to make your online business work.

Even though there’s been huge leaps in technology lately, meaning there’s less technical hassle involved, some people just won’t have the patience for this. Even if you find a community of help and support, there’s still a lot to learn and it isn’t for everyone.

Expect to work between 6 months and a year before you see any results at all, too. This is pretty tough, especially if you don’t fully believe in what you’re doing. There’s a fair amount of trial and error with affiliate marketing. Most people will give up too early and never see the fruits of their efforts.

For those who stick, there are great rewards to be earned. But they are earned. Not in the conventional way of earning money by trading your time for it, but in overcoming barriers to success. You need to have a fair amount of tenacity and patience. It’s not like a job where you get paid every month initially. So, if you’re used to trading time for money and getting paid every month, don’t give up the day job just yet!

Affiliate marketing is a business and not an employment. You need to drop any entitlement attitude which may be buried in your mind. You can’t expect any reward unless you actually have had it! If something isn’t working, you need to take stock and change your habits. It took me years before I saw any tangible results from affiliate marketing. I just refused to quit!

There are of course faster ways to benefit from affiliate marketing. Getting the right training and education from the start can make the most difference. If you’re going the wrong way, no amount of hard work will matter. I spent quite a bit of time here, being a busy fool; not knowing that what I was doing wouldn’t yield any results at all. I did many online training courses before I found the right one.

There’s a lot of mental challenges too, when it comes to making an internet business work. Some people are in a better place to face these than others. If you’ve already run a business, for example, you’ll have a better understanding of an online business. For years I thought I could just concentrate on the activities which I enjoyed. I later realised that this was what held me back. You need to learn and grow with your business; otherwise the glass ceiling of your business will always be you.

Who do you hang around with? There’s a saying that your income can be determined by the average of your 10 closest friends. Again, this can have massive implications on whether your internet business is successful or not. Who do you listen to and ask advice from? Is it business leaders who are making 6 figures? Or, more likely it is someone doing a regular job who is massively sceptical of anything different.

How do you perceive yourself? Self image has a lot to do with success too, whatever area of life you want to be successful in.

Affiliate marketing is a great business model. But not everyone will see this. If your circle of influence is sceptical of it, chances are this will rub off. It’s very difficult building a business if part of your mind doesn’t believe in it, or in yourself.

Then there’s the obvious monetary barriers to entry. When I started looking at affiliate marketing I was in a lot of financial trouble. I had a very deeply ingrained poverty consciousness, and real financial hardship. So a lot of affiliate business courses and software were out of reach for me. I started with the cheaper ones and as a result made slow progress. I wasn’t able to use paid marketing strategies, so I had to use content marketing. This takes a long time and results are never guaranteed.

If you’re trying to build a business and simultaneously fighting with a massive poverty consciousness and are terrified about spending even a tiny portion of what you have, I wouldn’t recommend affiliate marketing.

There’s a saying in the trading world “Scared money is lost money”. The same can be said of affiliate marketing. If you’re using money for your business which you’re terrified of losing, you’re much more likely to lose it.

On the other hand, if you can afford to spend some money each month on your business, and grow it slowly, your chances of success are far greater. Starting with an income already is really a necessity with an online business. It’s hard building stability in a business on shifting sand.

When I started affiliate marketing, I didn’t have regular work. As a result, I concentrated on the activities which were free to do. This is a very slow tactic. Although I eventually made progress, it was much slower than the affiliates who use paid marketing and start in employment. It’s not impossible, but very slow.

Saying that, I also think that if you’ve got time, and little money, then affiliate marketing is a good thing to focus on. You just need to find strategies which match your own specific situation and circumstance.

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