What’s the Priority for Your Enterprise: Mobile App or Mobile Website?

Mobility slammed into the enterprise technology scene and made an indelible impact on the modern business. There’s no question how important it can be for your firm. If you’re considering mobile development, the question for your firm might be: What type of mobile presence is best for your business? Should you choose a mobile website or a mobile app?

Both mobile apps and mobile websites are accessed on handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. A mobile website is sort of a first step in developing a mobile web presence. A mobile app, on the other hand, might be useful for developing a specific application for your enterprise. Building and testing mobile apps for various platforms, multiple form factors, and uploading apps to the various stores is more intensive than building and testing mobile websites for multiple browsers. And, coding for mobile apps requires a more specialized skill-set than coding for mobile websites.

What is a mobile website?

It is similar to any other website. Like other websites, It can display text, data, images and video. The only difference is that it’s specifically designed and built for smaller, hand-held screens. They can be accessed using any mobile device’s web browser, like Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android. When users access your URL, your website automatically detects the mobile device and redirects the viewer to the mobile version of your website.

Accessibility: It makes regular websites more accessible for mobile users when using a browser like Chrome or Safari. Users can access your website anytime, anywhere using any device. It is important to create a mobile-friendly layout to ensure readability and functionality when viewed on a smartphone or tablet.

What is a mobile app?

It is an application that runs on a smartphone or tablet application. It must be downloaded and installed, rather than being rendered within a browser. It is typically downloaded from an app marketplace, such as Apple’s App Store or Android’s Google Play store. The app may pull content and data from the Internet, in a similar fashion to a website, or it may download the content so that it can be accessed without an Internet connection.

Accessibility: It is very easier to access than a mobile website; it’s just a tap away. An app requires download and installation before you can use it. Mobile apps are downloaded from the App Store, Android Market, or Blackberry App World depending on the tablet or smartphone’s operating system.

If you are not ready to dive into a mobile app yet, try building a mobile website to conceptualize, build, test and learn about the kind of presence you want your enterprise to have in the mobile world.

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