Top 4 Questions to Ask Before You Design a Mobile App

Mobiles have set a new technology benchmark for businesses large and small. Large enterprises and small businesses all are incorporating mobile apps into their business strategies. Businesses who aren’t thinking mobile already are missing out on a lot of opportunities to tap into greater customer bases. Mobile apps could either represent a part of the business or be a mobile version of the business itself. You need to think it through, before you begin development. In fact there are quite a few aspects of mobile application development that you need to think before you actually begin.

Here are a few questions you must ask yourself before you design a mobile app:

To outsource or not to?

You need not develop the application in-house. There are plenty of mobile app development companies that provide you with great apps for both Androids and iPhones. If you outsource the project to a knowledgeable team, you can then concentrate on the more pressing business issues. Of course if you develop the app in-house, it gives you greater control over the progress of the project. Increased collaboration provides you with better results. However, in-house teams are typically more expensive than outsourcing. While selecting a team for outsourcing, you have the flexibility to select a pricing model and choose the rate that suits you.

Which device to develop for?

This question requires some research. You will need to research your customer base and find out the devices that they are using. Generally, it’s going to be a mix and match of Android, iPhones, Windows Phones etc. So, there may not be much of a choice there. It’s a good idea to check out the ratios and then take a decision.

What should the app do?

This is one of the most crucial questions that you should be asking. What functionality should your mobile app offer your customers? Should it be similar to your website? Should it be developed for a very specific purpose with limited functionality? The answers are simple. You need to decide whether the app will sell your products or just be a point of contact between customers and your business. This will help you decide what your app should do.

Can existing infrastructure handle the increased traffic?

Another important thing to consider is whether your existing infrastructure will support the increased traffic that the mobile app generates. You will need to test your servers for maximum load and all your back end systems for the same. Businesses must therefore consider the capacity of their existing systems and then plan for their mobile apps. Upgrade the existing infrastructure after finalizing on the app features and functionality.

To sum it up, do not randomly begin with mobile application development. It is important that you consider all the above questions and answer them satisfactorily. Only then will you we able to successfully develop an app that can accurately represent your business.

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