Tips To Care For Your Laptop To Prolong Its Life And Enhance Performance

The market offers you endless options when it comes to laptops. You will get anything from laptops under $1,000 to those going for higher. Your budget and use will help you determine which laptop suits you best. But whatever the laptop you choose to use, you must play your role in taking care of it if at all you want it to be of extended service to you and also to remain a high performing laptop. Here is what you can do to care for your laptop.

Tip 1 – Keep all liquids away from the laptop computer. They are not only damaging but can also lead to shorting of internal components and can corrupt your data. You also so not want to be dealing with sticky or non-functional keys.

Tip 2 – Just like liquids, ensure that you keep food away because crumbs can end up damaging your keys and making them dysfunctional. Food can leave your laptop dirty, cause circuitry damage and even bring small bugs to your workstation.

Tip 3 – Clean your hands before using the laptop and keep them clean. Oils and dirt from wrists and fingers will eat away the protective finish on the computer as well as the track pad and keyboard.

Tip 4 – To promote proper airflow so that heat buildup in the laptop is reduced, clean around keys, exhaust fans and screen bezel using an old but clean toothbrush.

Tip 5 – Keep small obstructions off your keyboard such as paper clips, pencils and pens among others when shutting the lid because you could end up damaging the monitor. Anything that can crack, dent or scratch the screen should be kept away from the laptop.

Tip 6 – Ensure that you close the laptop lid gently every time so that you don’t end up causing too much pressure around the hinges cracking them and breaking them with time. Always hold the middle part of it and gently drop it down gently.

Tip 7 – Avoid lifting or holding by the display because then you create damaging pressure to the hinges. Always hold it by the base to prevent cracking or deforming the screen.

Tip 8 – Never place heavy items on top of the laptop whether closed or opened because you can cause damage to the LCD, chassis and the hinges. This can also damage an optical drive; designate a safe place to store your laptop.

Tip 9 – When transporting or traveling with your laptop, place in its appropriate bag. It should be a bag that fits the laptop snugly but large enough for laptop accessories such as the power adapter. You should also ensure that you do not place it in areas that have high temperatures and do not leave it in the car because the temperatures can be extreme and damaging.

Tip 10 – Never pull on your power cord when disconnecting or unplugging it from the wall socket because you can damage it or the socket. Hold on, it gently and unplug it with care every time.

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