The Need for a Reversing Camera in Older Cars

Not everyone can afford the latest vehicles, especially if you are elderly and on a fixed income. When my old Nissan Datsun 280C vehicle reached a point where it required major repairs it was better to sell it and get a newer model. It was a wonderful car and was fitted with a lot of safety equipment but it had reached almost 35 years of age when it was disposed of although would have been good for a few more years if updated.

One of the great things about it was the way it was designed and built. The chassis was solid and it had rubber on the bumper bars and around the side. This protected it from bumps when reversing or from damage in parking lots.

The newer vehicle has many safety features such as cruise control, air bags, and other things but it is lacking a lot of the good features of the Datsun. It is a Toyota Camry Altise and a great vehicle for me around town and on short trips. But reversing into parking spots has been a great handicap.

It is hard to see where things are and there is no rubber on the bumper bars which means that any tiny bump removes the paint leaving ugly scarring. This became a problem for me as it was embarrassing.

My son was able to do a major service on the car and he included repainting the parts that had the paint scarring. While he did a fantastic job it made me nervous to park anywhere for fear of doing the same type of damage again.

The problem was solved, however, when he bought me a beautiful reversing camera with video, and so on, for mother’s day. Soon after he fitted it for me and now the worry of reversing has gone.

This is a great innovation and every older vehicle should be fitted with such a device. It also allows one to see if there is a pedestrian or small child in the rear before reversing. With so many children run over in the driveway of their homes and elsewhere because the drivers had no vision of them is tragic. Many of them are killed by their own parent.

While it is unnecessary to phase the older cars out and for governments to insist on their replacement what they should be looking at is making it compulsory for all vehicles to have a reversing camera fitted. It only took my son about 2 hours or less to fit the camera and now I also have a front camera in the device that will record anything that might happen in front of me as well. That could be an accident or even a video of the road conditions.

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