Risks Involved In Native Mobile Application Development

More and more businesses are turning towards native mobile applications for their businesses. Business apps have some undeniable benefits. We have seen so many success stories in the past few years, that more and more businesses are inspired to go mobile. It is hence advised that we are not blinded by possibilities. If a native mobile application is what a business wants, you will need to understand what purpose it will serve and how beneficial it will be.

Well, native mobile apps are generally downloadable applications that mobile users can install on their devices. These apps are a means for users to be in constant touch with your business. It’s great for your business too, as you can send instant notifications about your latest deals and offers etc.

However, there are some risks involved if you do not plan your application properly.

Evaluate what features you need to include in the native app. Customers are going to download your app only if they find value in keeping it constantly on their phones. If the app is redundant and does nothing but advertise your business services, it does nothing fruitful for the customer. A user will surely delete such an application. So, before you dive into the development phase, carefully plan what features you would like to include in your application. Select the features that are beneficial for your customers.

Unsustainable user growth

While building an app, make sure that your backend is able to sustain exponential user growth. The app should not slow down or crash due to the number of concurrent user connections. Well, you would be stuck with support calls all the time! So, ensure that you do a thorough research and draw an estimate for the number of downloads.

Multiple platforms

Tying yourself to a single platform will not help! You are at a risk of losing out on the potential customers that are using other mobile platforms. So, if you wish to build a native app, make sure that you take into consideration all the major mobile development platforms.

Native apps are at a risk of getting denied in the app stores

Native apps are subjected to app store approvals. This means that if your application is not approved on either Google Play or Apple’s app store, all your efforts to develop it will fail. It will not reach your targeted audience too!

Security Breaches

Every mobile operating system has its own security considerations. So, if you develop a generic app, it might be a security risk on some devices. So, developers need to study all the major platforms and then develop applications with all security considerations in mind.

To sum it up, native mobile apps are very popular and very convenient to use. They are great for businesses to stay in constant touch with their customers. But, you must bear in mind all the above risk factors and then begin developing a native mobile application for your business.

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