How To Start An Online Business: The Part That Content Plays In The CTPM Process

I teach internet marketing to the great people of the far North where we live. I often hear the question, “There are millions of sites on the internet. How can we compete?”

The simple answer is that there is very little serious competition.

FACT: 98% of those sites that you consider discouraging competition won’t be there a year from now. Very few people know, understand and therefor don’t use the CTPM process.

This simple process involves:

  • Creating a website dripping with high quality Content directly related to the main theme of your site.
  • The search engines are excellent at judging the quality of your site. The more they see how good you are, they will send you more and more FREE (organic) Traffic.
  • Your job as an information entrepreneur (an infopreneur) is to convince your visitors that you are an expert in whatever your site is about. This is called Preselling.
  • When you’ve gotten all of the aforementioned right, you will make recommendations to your visitors about the best solution to their search term. This is the Monetization part of the equation.

In this article, I will explain the sweet part that content plays in this maze.

When you do a search on any subject, the search engine you are using will give you page after page of websites. Those on the first page are the ones that the search engine deems to be the best possible sites to give you the best possible solution to whatever you asked for.

How do they know how good a site is? There are hundreds of criteria the search engines use to judge quality of a site. A few are:

  • Search engines keep track of how long a visitor stays on a site. This is called bounce rate. the longer someone stays on a site, the better the search engine judges your content to be.
  • They also monitor how many pages on a site that the visitors visit. The more pages they visit, the more interesting information the engines deem your site to have and give it a higher score.
  • A really top website is linked to from other sites. The search engines value these inbound links highly. Keep this is mind as you build and grow your site.

This why it is highly recommended that you start online with something you know a great deal about or something that you are passionate about, something that you feel comfortable with. This will make it much easier for you to create more and more quality content revolving around the main theme of your website.

For example, your Chihuahua dog site will have:

  • Pretty pictures of Chihuahuas that visitors can see in vivid color.
  • A section on Chihuahua fashions.
  • A section on Chihuahua training.
  • Chihuahua grooming (they can almost feel the smooth hair).
  • Chihuahua health issues.
  • Chihuahua names.
  • Chihuahua nutrition.
  • An “In Memoriam” section.
  • And so on. Everything Chihuahua will be covered.

An interesting point is that the misspelling of the word Chiwawa is sought on Google about 10,000 times a month! Such misspellings occur often in many subjects and some savvy entrepreneurs use the misspelling to increase their traffic!

You now have a basic understanding of how important content is in how to start an online business.

Remember this:

Everything on the internet is about information whether you are looking for the best way to ask your favorite girl out on a date or how to change the oil in your big bulldozer in -50 degree weather in the Arctic.

For example, if you have a site on climbing roses, make your content so vivid that your visitors can actually smell the sweet smell of the roses.

Once you’ve mastered the art of matching an exact search term with the exact high quality content of your site, you will be making money hand over fist. You won’t be able to help it because that wonderful matching of need with fulfillment is rare and that is why 98% of websites on the internet today won’t be there a year from now.

Knowing what you know now, you are already far ahead of the pack of internet hopefuls.

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