How to Build a Successful Legitimate Freelance Writing Business With Fiverr

If you are reading this, I assume you are already familiar with Fiverr works. You create “gigs,” or small tasks that you will do or sell for $5 each. How in the world, you ask, can anyone make a decent living selling their writing or anything for $5 without working around the clock? The secret is to create the gigs in small blocks. For example, I have a gig to do one book review of up to 150 words. If the buyer wants more than 150 words for their review, then they have to purchase multiple gigs of $5 each.

But the real key to starting a successful freelance writing business with Fiverr, is that it is a start. It is your foot in the door to building your writing portfolio, gathering customers’ testimonials and learning what kind of writing you want to do, and not do. Of course, if your income needs are on the low side (good for you!) then, Fiverr may provide you with a steady income that makes it an end in itself. But there are some side benefits that I have discovered with Fiverr:

Fulfilling many small orders has increased my writing speed

My writing has improved

The writing is generating ideas for my own work

With all of these extra ideas flowing, I have developed the discipline to pay myself first. That is, I work on my own articles, blogs, and books first in the day before I turn and write to fulfill orders. Such as the article you are reading now. Yes, I have orders pressing, six at present, both on Fiverr and with other freelance sites, but this one is my own and needed to be written to clear my head and focus on my customer’s needs.

As a freelance writer, there are a few things I won’t do on Fiverr.

Ghostwriting. I figure if I am going to sweat blood and tears over writing, I will publish it myself and reap the rewards of ongoing passive income. Why get paid only once, when if you publish it under your own name you can either get the book royalties or use it on your own blog or website.

Fake Reviews. I hate these, don’t you!? I will do honest reviews for books and products I have actually read or used (I know what a concept!), but am vehement about turning away people who ask me to post 15 reviews that they wrote themselves on their own book. How do you even have more than one Amazon account? I had two once when I was selling books from two different locations. I got a smack down and almost lost my Amazon account – life would not go on without my Amazon account! I imagine the Amazon police force is large and active!

Overall, Fiverr is a good place to begin if you are starting from scratch with your freelance writing. Soon you will discover that you have to turn down work as the orders flow.

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