Business Agility Means Releasing Old Habits and Integrating New Ones

Does the phrase, “United we stand, divided we fall” have any relevance to today’s need for business agility or strong, decisive leadership? Whether it’s business, with friends or family, when is separation ever as agile or effective as integration?

Integrating your thoughts, words, and actions will just about always provide you with more strength, agility and flow than trying to go it with mixed emotions and/or alone. In the turbulent times we are entering, the more you integrate yourself and then integrate with those around you, the more agile and successful you will be in navigating the increasing uncertainty, which is now appearing more quickly and in larger doses.

Integrate literally means to make whole and how effective or powerful do you think you can be if you are split into pieces? Although it is extremely important for a department or team to focus on the task at hand, setting up barriers (consciously or not) from the rest of the organization will heighten the risk of overlooking threats and opportunities. This works on all levels of any organization, including your own body. In fact, more evidence is surfacing every day that points to the increased risk disease or disability by becoming unconscious of or ignoring a part of your body. In fact, research points to cancer flourishing in areas of the body that do not receive enough oxygen! Extrapolate this evidence to an organization and what happens to dedicated people in groups who feel cut off, suppressed or alienated? Who doesn’t resent being ignored? Wouldn’t you too begin focusing on everything but the critical task at hand? Feeling unheard makes us humans naturally begin looking for other options or alternatives to make us feel whole.

Integration breaks down without a constant flow of energy and information streaming throughout all parts of the body in question. Be it the corporate body or your own, the more animated and agile it is, the more you can depend upon it working, even under increased stress. Keeping secrets, hiding or suppressing the truth or masking the pain will ultimately consume more energy than just releasing the information in question directly, then dealing with the consequences. Ask virtually anyone with a conscience still intact in politics or the financial sector… You see you can release the information and proceed to the next issue or you can re-lease it and keep paying for limiting its access. Often, re-leasing your deception means paying interest, which compounds. If you still doubt this cheap lesson in wisdom, ask any person involved in a cover-up. Whether personal, corporate and/or political, and regardless of its tactical success, ask the wise participant what it ultimately cost and listen with all your senses to their answer. If they are honest, you will get a fair summation of the stress, pain and loss of integrity involved. If they’re not, sense the energy still needed to continue keeping his/her controversial issue under wraps.

Want an easy lesson in this? Think back to a presentation you made where you were not thoroughly prepared. Be it business or school; think about how much energy it took to try not to look nervous. How well did that go? If you lucked out and got away with it, how energized did you feel for the rest of the day? How well did you sleep that night? If you got caught, was it because you realized that you were actually not fooling anyone? Never forget, the body (be it corporate or your own) does not have the capacity to lie. It can hide stuff, but more and more people are learning where to look for the truth. Whether with help from the Internet or just learning to read body language and the message in front of you, the truth is always available for those willing and trained to look.

With the advent of the Internet, more and more well hidden secrets are being exposed concerning all manner of leaders, organizations and institutions. Far-fetched conspiracies as well as urban myths are beginning to be exposed from the local priest to the highest levels of politics and business. The costs are becoming too high and the webs of deception too complex to maintain. To become and remain agile, focused upon what’s ahead instead of what’s behind, you and your organization will need all the energy you can get. Quit compartmentalizing issues and actively rid yourselves of your company’s inhibiting behaviors. Become conscious of what your corporate, as well as you own, body is doing and then learn to appreciate the flexibility this relaxed, agile way of living and doing business

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