Brake Pad Replacement: When to Get New Brake Pads

The brakes are one of the most changed parts on your car. Why? They get changed so often because they are also used the most. Think about it. To slow down you use them, to stop at a traffic light or at intersection you use them again. You use them all the time while you’re driving. So when should you get your brakes replaced?

Driving habits are important when it comes to your brakes. Many drivers tend to stop abruptly which does cause your brake pads to wear away faster. The key to stopping is to do it gradually and smoothly to avoid wearing away the pads.

We are living in an era where traffic is normal. Did you know that the more you use your brakes, the shorter their lifespan is? The pads work as a clasp and every time they get used they wear away a little more each time.

You can often tell when your car requires new brakes. A squealing and scraping noise often means that something has to be replaced. The squealing is caused by worn out surfaces rubbing or pushing against the discs. The sounds that the car should not make include grinding, squealing, screeching and clicking. Note that any sounds the brakes make indicate that a brake pad replacement is imminent.

If your car does not stop correctly when you apply pressure on the brakes then you need to make it an urgent task to get it replaced. If it feels like the car is jumpy or vibrating whilst you are applying the brakes it could mean that the rotors are warped. The rotor is what assists the car to brake correctly and smoothly.

Check the pads regularly to make sure that they are not thinning. If it is thin it can lead to a weaker system that will eventually not allow the brakes to work at all.

If your car pulls to one side when you apply the brakes it could mean that one side has worn more than the other. The car could pull to one side without the help of the steering wheel. This is dangerous as your car should not be making turns unless you are the one enforcing it.

You should always make sure that the brakes get checked whenever you take it in for a service. Any damage that has been done has to be fixed immediately so that you can avoid any accidents.

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