Where Are Classic Car Parts These Days?

Looking to restore a classic car? Remember riding in those big roomy 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s Pontiac’s, Ford’s, Buick’s and Mercury’s? You know, those big American cars? Remember back when you didn’t even have to wear a seatbelt when you were a kid? You could lay in the back seat on a long trip and have plenty of room to stretch when the road seemed endless. Are we there yet?

Remember when your father drove into a gas station bay to fill up and the attendant not only put the gas in, he washed the windows, checked the oil and air and always had a lollipop for the kids. Can we have some of those days back? We want our roomy, steel, big engined cars back! We want to hit the road with some power! Oh yes, and let’s have those old fashioned gas prices back too!

Ah the memories of being 4 years old and sitting in the back seat of my dad’s 1967 red Pontiac Catalina convertible, feeling the wind all over me while I tried to keep a super sized jawbreaker in my mouth. Don’t want to get sticky goo all over the new seats! What about the sounds cars made as they passed yours? The whooshing sound that you tried to determine if it was you passing them or them passing you? What else does a kid think about when they are a passive passenger in the back?

The freedom of contemplation, where is that now? Today, kid’s in cars have mini TV’s, Playstations, private headphones for music; entertainment at its’ most technical while on the road. Bring the good old days back. Restore a classic car and live a little freer. Visit us at Sunman Classic Ford Supply and take a walk down memory lane.

Know of any classic cars parked behind a barn, left in a field, or in your grandma’s garage? Drop us a line and tell us what you know. We’re always looking for classic Ford’s, Mercury’s and Lincoln’s, along with Chevrolet, Pontiac and others, to save for the future enthusiast.

Cynthia Arrington is owner of Sunman Classic Ford Supply, a company that is dedicated to the preservation of classic Ford, Mercury and Lincoln automobiles.

We travel and search the southwestern states rescuing classic autos from the car crushers. We make these cars and parts available to antique and classic car restorers and enthusiasts. Remember, an antique or classic vehicle crushed is an antique or classic vehicle gone forever!

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