Finding Vintage Cars – A New Technique

While talking with a helicopter pilot a couple of months ago, I found out about a new way to look for those original car parts or even whole cars you might be looking for. This pilot worked for one of the local medical transport and rescue services. In that capacity, he flew over lots of remote areas. He told me about several of the things that he was keeping an eye on. But, he did not give me real good details of where things were that he wanted for himself.

One of the things he described was a field full of old cars including Model T’s and Model A’s. He said it was not even close to a road, so you would not see it except from the air. He had a lot of other sweet cars spotted as well.

That got me thinking. Why not start asking small plane pilots about the interesting cars that they have seen from the air? You could ask people like the pilot I was talking to. But also cropdusters, flight instructors and flying clubs would be good resources. These people have a huge number of flying hours and have been all over the country.

What I would do is head out for the nearest small town with an airport and start asking around. You are bound to find some good leads.

Give it a try and let me know if you find anything good.

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