Why You Should Get A Vegetable Patch

When we think of the common vegetable patch we immediately think of grandparents, country bumpkins and war-time rationing, but, of course, this is a terribly one dimensional outlook on them. Vegetable patches have soared in popularity in recent years (more than likely due to the recession) and as a result have become a fashionable garden accessory. It’s clear that growing your own vegetables is the right way to go but just how does it benefit you and everybody around you? Read on to find out…


Vegetables sold in a supermarket travel a lot: they’re picked, dug, or pulled from their origins; then carted off to a warehouse for inspection; then transported to the store; then picked up off the shelf and carted home. This travel involves an awful lot of energy, something that environmentalists try to make clear to the buying public. In attempts to be more sustainable, supermarkets do try to source vegetables locally when they’re in season, but this still involves travel and emitting carbon emissions in some way. Growing your own vegetables totally eliminates this element of travel; infact, the only travelling required is for materials to construct the patch and what needs to be put in it.

Better Quality

There’s no denying that homemade tastes a lot better than store-bought when it comes to food – desserts, cakes, cooked meals, etc – and the same principle applies directly to fruit and vegetables. The luxury of growing your own is that as soon as the said goodie is ripe and good enough to eat you do just that! The process couldn’t be more fresh. With regard to store-bought vegetables there’s really no telling how fresh they actually are. It used to be a common occurrence that fruit and vegetables would be treated with sprays and pesticides in order to keep them looking appealing to customers; these sprays are an unnatural means of preservation that are likely harmful to human health. Of course, with higher trade standards these sprays are used much less, but there’s still no telling how fresh our fruit and vegetables really are; one things is for certain though and it’s that homegrown is guaranteed to be twice (if not more) times as fresh as store-bought, which means it tastes a whole lot better!

So, if you’re thinking about starting your own vegetable patch always keep in mind these two vitally significant benefits; once you start your patch, there really will be no stopping you!

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