Why Switch to Green Cleaning

It is only natural to feel the need to keep your home sparkly clean all the time. The obsession with cleaning usually comes from a desire to protect your family from germs and keep them safe and healthy. Considering the fact that cleaning has the purpose of making your home a safe environment for your kids, you should make sure that the cleaning products you use are eco-friendly. The chemicals and compounds used in regular cleaning products are toxic and harmful for your kids and for our planet as well. This is why the US government and various green organizations try to raise awareness about the dangers of using toxic products and the benefits of utilizing green products. In Orlando, Florida, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is responsible with protecting, conserving, and managing of its natural resources. DEP administrates the environmental pollution control programs and enforces the State’s laws concerning hazardous waste and cleanups. However, it is up to the Orlando community to protect their city and homes by using eco-friendly products, especially when cleaning their houses and disposing of their waste.

Many people in Orlando still have a hard time giving up traditional cleaning products according to a study realized by green foundations operating in this area. The reasoning behind the use of such strong chemicals in cleaning solutions has long been refuted by recent discoveries. Despite the fact that a microfiber material can wipe out more than 90% of bacteria, people still use toxic solutions, putting their health at risk, just because they are not aware of this fact. The Orlando Community Greenhouse Foundation and other communities and firms sharing similar beliefs from this city have invested a great effort to inform people about the benefits of green cleaning. However, there are still many people remaining in the dark about this topic. Green cleaning in Orlando has yet to reach the popularity it has in other cities from Florida. The old belief that a strong chemical will be more efficient in destroying harmful bacteria can is indeed true, but what is the point in using them, if you will have other, harmful vapors and compounds, circulating in your house and harming your health. In the end, this reasoning is evidently faulty. Nowadays, great alternatives have been found to traditional cleaning products that are not only green and safe to use even in the company of a child, but they are also more efficient and easy to use.

Of course, the situation today is not as bad as in the past when our mothers had to wear gloves to ensure their hands will no rot off when cleaning the carpet or the oven, but the cleaning solutions you can usually find at the local market in Orlando are still toxic. The reasons why people are still utilizing these harmful substances is either that they are not aware of the dangers, they believe that green solutions are not as efficient or they find them too expensive compared to the cheap toxic mix. However, the situation is slowly changing and more and more people demand green cleaning from cleaning companies or search for the green mark on the products they buy. This is due to the numerous campaigns held by people working in this domain that promote eco-friendly products. If you live in Orlando, you can find out many things about green cleaning and its benefits from Green Foundations and companies offering cleaning services. At surprising as it may sound, Orlando cleaning services are mostly green and business owners try to raise awareness about the advantages of green cleaning. In fact, you can easily find companies promoting eco-friendly cleaning products as a solution to traditional cleaning in this city. Whether you live on Buoy Ct, Winter Park, on West Colonial Drive or on Winter Garden, Pocket Ln in Orlando, you can easily find a green cleaning services provider in your living area.

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