Whistle Blower Societies Rarely Succeed and Whistle Blowers Rarely Provide!

A society always gets more of what it rewards, and if we reward winners, doers, and entrepreneurs we will get more of them, thus, more innovation, growth, and strength in our society. Fortunately, this fact has enabled the United States to continue to prosper. Unfortunately, we are losing this, and we are rewarding weakness, cheaters, complainers, and victimhood seekers. It is quite evident what is happing in all this politically correct talk about “bullying” and the importance of whistle blowers.

However, just as we observe children in a sand box, we should realize that not every complaint of “he hit me!” is valid. Indeed, the SEC did a study back in 2005 which showed that 85% of the complaints they received were false, and revenge motivated, or merely the resultant of an investor who took a risk, and lost of their own free-will and decision. Recently, in 2010 there was a study which showed that investor complaints were up 450%, and why would this be surprising to anyone.

You see, the regulators are soliciting complaints, just as the class action lawyers or personal injury lawyers do on TV. Obviously, if someone is sitting at home unemployed they can conger up a story and get the ear of a lawyer, but that doesn’t make the story valid in and of itself. If we reward this culture of victim-hood, we will have more victims, more complainers, and more whistle-blowers blarring their whistles and declaring how they were unjustly hurt by a doer, entrepreneur, business owner, or wealthy individual.

This indeed does nothing more than lead to class warfare, and becomes a disincentive for standouts in our society to work to succeed. Further, since we know that misery loves company, we also know that victimhood is contagious, and with the Internet it’s definitely gone viral. What we have is regulatory bodies justifying their attacks on free markets, and politicians making hay and getting elected and re-elected by pandering to all this nonsense.

If we do not come to terms with these problems we will continually slip into the abyss, and we will get more of the same, and fewer entrepreneurs, innovators, and folks with strength of character. And if we turn our backs on that group of folks, we’ve turned our backs on what’s made America Great! Care to comment, I am up for the debate. But I must warn you as an entrepreneur, I will win any debate with anyone who dismisses free-markets and Capitalism over such theories of socialism and communism.

  1. Whistle Blower Societies Rarely Succeed
  2. Whistle Blowers Rarely Provide! (name one thing they’ve done for you lately?)

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